【Whispering Street】I’m not going to be defeated by the tentacles of a genius twinny kunoichi, Tsumugi!

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Title:I’m not going to be defeated by the tentacles of a genius twinny kunoichi, Tsumugi!
Maker:Whispering Street
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:kunoichi, humiliation, Torture, Lewdness, Exposure, Shame/Humiliation, Heterosexuality, futanari


Tsumugi is a futanari ninja who attends a ninja academy in the village of Shinobi.
Tsumugi is a ninja who attends the Ninja Academy in Shinobi Village.

Suzuka, a failed kunoichi who is also taking the final exam.
We were both going to be careful and pass the test without any danger. ……

When Suzuka is unintentionally left alone, a tentacle picks her asshole and attacks her!

Her buttocks were groped, and she was captivated by the pleasure of anal sex.

It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
But then, for some reason, a cock-job tentacle appears that attacks only the two-fisted. ……!

This is a CG collection where Tsumugi is attacked by a tentacle that relentlessly targets his dick and squeezes out all of his semen.

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