【HIDARIkiki】Game of Bitches – A compilation

[Ranking]24 Hours:#28
Title:Game of Bitches – A compilation
Release date:2021/04/27
Genre:Boobs, alotofjuice/liquid, Continuousclimax, Crosssection, compilation, Creampie, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Bigtits

Game of Bitches – The Complete Collection (Original)

A super bitchy schoolgirl is made to challenge a lewd escape game.
Extreme erotic missions and punishment games.

It’s not just about the sex. You can get fucked all you want!
Will they be able to escape safely?

This is a compilation of the doujin manga series.

Total 204 pages
182 pages of the main story
The text is only in black ink.

[extra](*If you have purchased each story in the series, you have already gotten it)
-6 color cover images for each story
-4 synopsis pages for episodes 2-4
-Backstory & commentary available on SNS

Author Wounded Rei

______[Personality profile]________

Misaki Kagikawa

She has brown blonde hair, piercings, and a girly appearance.
A famous and well-known slutty JK
Bright, energetic, and active.
She was sleeping in a bed in the infirmary because of stomach pains, but woke up in the same room as Shiori.

Shiori Anamachi

She is a member of the top student council in her grade, and has a beautiful appearance and excellent grades.
She is calm, but has a mysterious side to her.
She and Misaki are in the same grade and are in the same class next to each other.
She also has a lot of experience with men.

「ゲームオブビッチーズ (RJ281408)」
「ゲームオブビッチーズ第2話 (RJ286041)」
「ゲームオブビッチーズ 第3話 (RJ293984)」
「ゲームオブビッチーズ第4話 (RJ299380)」
「ゲームオブビッチーズ第5話 (RJ308793)」
「ゲームオブビッチーズ第6話(完) (RJ316864)」


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