【WASABI】I’m a male and she’s a female

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#12
Title:I’m a male and she’s a female
Release date:2021/04/26
Genre:tits, continuousclimax, Shota, Sister, Shota, Nakadashi, Masturbation, Adultery

exploring each other’s instincts and ignorantly ignorantly ignorantly ignorantly ignorantly ignorantly ignorantly ignorantly ignorantly


A relative of mine goes to a boarding school.
They have to leave the dormitory during spring break and other long vacations.

I’ve been asked by my parents, who worry about me staying home alone because of my frequent business trips.
Whenever we had a long vacation, my sister would come over to our house for a few days.

It was a customary practice for me to stay at home with her for a few days while she slept over.

I thought it would be the start of the usual, slightly embarrassing, but fun days.
But fate is impermanent.
On this day, my penis got an erection. —-

I’m still struggling with a sexual desire that I don’t understand what it is.

The two of them groped and instinctively immersed themselves in mating for pleasure.

You can find out later what they have done to themselves.
The lady realizes and feels responsible, but once the instinct is aroused, the female is not.
You can’t, of course, stifle the desire to do it again.

And then she finds out that she can only mate for pleasure if she has a contraceptive.

It’s natural to be a lady and prepare yourself.
I headed to the convenience store in search of contraceptives.

A male and a female with the immunity of contraceptives in their hands.
The rest of the time, they just mingle like a prodigal. ——-


This is a story about two girls who start off with no knowledge of sex.
It’s a story about a girl who’s always had a sense of responsibility as an older woman.
The shota instinctively falls in love with the girl’s body.
I tried to give her an air of not being overly excited about her sister.


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