【Tamaki Factory】A Record in a Living Room: The Daydream of a Loving Wife You’ve Never Heard of

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Title:A Record in a Living Room: The Daydream of a Loving Wife You’ve Never Heard of
Maker:Tamaki Factory
Release date:2021/04/26
Genre:MarriedWoman, femaleteacher, Cuckold, Creampie, Fellatio, PeepingTom, Gagging/Eating, Bigtits/bigtits

Do you want to know the daytime face of your beloved wife that you don’t know?

To begin with

You’re so concerned about your wife’s health after giving birth that you refrain from having sex with her. This is a great way to get to know your wife better. It’s not something superficial, like her appearance or attitude, but you can’t think of anything definitive. In order to get rid of this bewildering feeling, you take a certain action. In order to clear your mind, you decide to record your wife’s activities when you are not around. You’ll be able to find out what your beloved wife is doing in the living room that you don’t know about.

This work is based on the image of fixed-point observation using an IC recorder set up in the living room. It’s a great way to get a feel for what’s going on in your life.

Why don’t you try some naughty peek-a-boo?

The point of this work is that it is a fixed point observation in hiding. I think that the act of trying to peep into the figure that you never show to you, no matter how much you love your wife, is an act that gives you a tremendous sense of immorality. Please enjoy this feeling.

Heroine Introduction

あるリビングでの記録 Youの知らない愛妻の昼顔 [たまき製作所]

Name: Konohana (CV Ryouki Ryo-sama)
Age: Mid 20s
Occupation High school teacher (on maternity to childcare leave)
Teacher at a private girls’ school, specializing in modern Japanese.
She is a teacher at a so-called historic school for young ladies, and she herself is from this school.
She has a strong personality and a good head on her shoulders. She is an honors student.

Other characters

Age: Mid 20s
Occupation Company employee (not in education)
Personality Quiet, anxious, lacks self-confidence.

After giving birth, I was so concerned about her body that I didn’t have sex with her (no penetration). I’ve been trying to find a way to make it work for me, but…


Age: Mid 20s(このはと同じ)
Occupation High school teacher (science, chemistry)
Personality Jealous and a bit cynical.
She resents the fact that her husband is only interested in her daughter.

I’ve been a classmate of hers since high school. We teach the same subjects, but at different schools. She is a teacher, but in a different subject and school. She got married and had a baby before him, so he sometimes calls her his senior in life.

Age: Late 20s
Occupation Company employee (sales)
Personality Self-confident and self-centered. He thinks he has a good face and is good at sex.


Age: 18
Occupation High school student (3rd year)
Personality Shyness
It’s not that he can only fall in love with women, but this is the only one he can think of.

She has had a crush on Konoha since before she went on maternity leave. She was so enthusiastic that she started a relationship with him. This is not so much a favor, but more of an affection for a cute girl.

The principal doesn’t know about this relationship.

Age Early 60s
職業 このはの勤める(Tomomiの通う)女子校のPrincipal
Personality He puts his own pleasure before anything else.

On the surface, she is very mild and friendly, and is widely known as a very good educator. On the inside, however, he is a scumbag who acts only for his own pleasure.


In order to enjoy the cuckolded woman, he ordered her to [have sex with other men], [marry other men], and [give birth to other men’s children].

Track Introduction

01 One Monday (The usual girl talk) 6:49

Playlist: Listening to a friend complain about getting drunk.


He’s been looking at my daughter a lot lately, and not at me at all.


02 One Tuesday (Cheating on my friend’s husband level 1) 9:02

Play Description Sex with a man I don’t like as a human being [Handjob, cunnilingus, rubber Creampie].



Enjoy having uncomfortable sex with someone you hate.

03 One Thursday (Flirtation with my student JK Level 2) 12:55

Play Description Lesbian sex making love to a cute pupil while agitating her 【Kissing D-kissing 69 Squirting】.



04 ある金曜日(Principal先生と 浮気レベルMAX) 11:21

Play Description Fully depraved sex that has been in a relationship for many years [begging, blowjob, raw penetration, spanking, cuckold pussy offering, cuckold depraved wind stirring, Creampie, cleaning blowjob, gokkun].



“Impregnate your daughter with me and give her to me.


Please enjoy the fully depraved sex of my beloved wife.

05 ある土曜日 (Youとのお口エッチ) 6:45

プレイ内容 愛するYouへのおねだりフェラ 【フェラ 口内射精 ごっくん】


Please enjoy this loving oral sex for your beloved husband.

注 この時点ではYouは録音データを聴いてはいません。

06 涼貴涼様によるフリートーク+ifこのはから愛するYouへ 8:20


Recording Time Main Story 46:52
Whole 55:12 (including free talk)

wav 48kHz 16bit
mp3 320kbps

There are two folders, one with SE and one without. Track 06 is the same.

Illustrations (with and without logo)


  • Performed by Ryooki Ryo-sama (@bee_ryo)
  • Illustration Logo design by Hikaru Abe (@peOPneMY0uquzje)
  • Production: Tamaki Factory (@tamaki3SSS)
  • This work is a fiction.
  • No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.


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