【Belzebub】Convenience store girl Z erotic goods new arrival!

[Ranking]24 Hours:#3, 7 Days:#23, 30 Days:#76
Title:Convenience store girl Z erotic goods new arrival!
Release date:2021/04/27
Genre:Cuckold, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Humiliation, Torture, Exposure, BlueRape, Bigtits/bigtits

In the convenience store of lewd prison, the trap of desire accelerates!

This is the third patch to add a sixth heroine to [Convenience Store Girl Z].

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The store he runs is infamous for being one of the top three shoplifting stores in the country.
After being held accountable by the head office, [I] finally decided to retaliate against the shoplifter.

I’ll be the one to inflict harm on the perpetrator.

The prey’s winning voice echoes through the convenience store office.
A brand of absolution and ejaculation for a social evil!

I will gather the evidence and judge them with my law and ironclads, devoid of all emotion.
[That is my Justice and my Providence].

Shoplifter Punishment SLG, Welcome to Convenience Store Girl Z!

The flow of the game

When you arrive at the store, you’ll deal with the cashier.
Use casual communication to lower their guard and increase their desire to buy.

Understand your customers’ preferences.
Guide the conversation to find out what products they want.

Stock up on products.
Stock items that customers will want to pick up. Display them on the shelves.

Set up the surveillance cameras.
Be ready to seize the shoplifting scene before the target arrives.

Secure, then interrogate…
In order to get back the stolen goods, go through the luggage and touch the body.
One by one, he stripped off his clothes, and

All stories are fully voiced. A lot of erotic scenes are added to the existing heroines.

All heroines are equipped with toys and cosplay sex. All heroines are equipped with toys and cosplay sex. We will deliver new charms with both visuals and voices.

All the heroines of the past works are gathered! There is also a gorgeous request campaign scene!

In response to the request campaign at the time of distribution of the main story, popular heroines from past works will join the scene one after another.
Discover and reconfirm the charm that will never fade.

This work is an additional patch for [Convenience Store Girl Z].
This work can be run independently. In that case, you can capture two heroines.
This is an additional patch for [Convenience Store Girl Z].

Shoplifting Addict

  • コンビニ少女Z エログッズ新入荷ぱっち [ベルゼブブ]

    [Kiriko Anegawa] [Kiriko Anegawa]
    A beautiful announcer on a late-night news program.
    The secret to her popularity is her charisma and her ability to cut to the chase on social issues.
    I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

  • コンビニ少女Z エログッズ新入荷ぱっち [ベルゼブブ]

    [Yoshimi Hanakura] [Yoshimi Hanakura]
    An office worker at a nearby school.
    She is a shy little animal who is always in a daze.
    She is obsessed with app games and is always looking at her phone.

  • コンビニ少女Z エログッズ新入荷ぱっち [ベルゼブブ]

    [Zenmyoudzumi Mei
    A student at a nearby school.
    A student at a nearby school. She works as an underground idol and has developed a devoted following.
    A cocky little bitch.

  • コンビニ少女Z エログッズ新入荷ぱっち [ベルゼブブ]

    [Asaka Yashima
    A full-time housewife who lives in a nearby apartment complex.
    Pregnant with a teacher’s child while in school, dropped out and got married.
    A complainer who visits a store and complains about something.

Shoplifting Addict2

  • コンビニ少女Z エログッズ新入荷ぱっち [ベルゼブブ]

    Yuki Isshiki.
    An area manager on loan from the headquarters who visits the main character’s store for inspection.
    He is very strict and interferes with the management policy.
    He likes to keep the place clean and puts a lot of effort into cleaning.

  • コンビニ少女Z エログッズ新入荷ぱっち [ベルゼブブ]

    [Anegawa Shigure
    A student at a nearby school, and the only daughter of Kiriko Anegawa.
    She is popular with the girls at the school, who treat her like a prince.
    A girl who hangs around stores and complains about the selection.

「コンビニ少女Z (RJ280974)」
「コンビニ少女Z 万引無双ぱっち (RJ289232)」
「コンビニ少女Z クレマお仕置きぱっち (RJ309823)」


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