【I&U】[Pleasure-linked masturbation] synchronized *pseudo sex masturbation support voice that Lolita J○ feels pleasure and comes together

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Title:[Pleasure-linked masturbation] synchronized *pseudo sex masturbation support voice that Lolita J○ feels pleasure and comes together
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Girl, lolita, pants, Possession, Firsttime, Creampie, masturbationsupport, virgin


【快感リンク型オナニー】ロリJ○が一緒に快感を感じてイッてくれる同期型★疑似セックスオナニーサポート音声 [I&U]

The ejaculation feeling is very sweet [sex – masturbation] a new genre!
This is a [pleasure-linked] masturbation voice where the girl and your pleasure are linked and you can feel and come together.

Although it is an orthodox masturbation support, it has a new setting that has never been seen before: “When you touch yourself, the girl feels it too.

It’s a great way to get your hands dirty, but it’s also a great way to get your hands dirty.

The “shiko shiko" voice she tries so hard to say is all newly recorded.

(There is no repeat use or loop playback. The voice actor said it carefully, one shiko, one shiko at a time.)
As her sexuality increases, her sissy voice also increases and fades…a dramatic sissy voice has been created.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great way to get to know the people in your area.


One night, an astral body comes to her, a girl named Yui, who comes from a family where women have had the ability to become astral bodies for generations.

In her family, there is an old custom that when a daughter reaches a certain age and has secondary sexual characteristics, as a practice of astral projection, she goes out at night with only her astral body and possesses a man as a substitute, and does [naughty things] to gather energy and increase her spiritual power.

You’ve decided to help her with her [naughty practice] and become her [first partner].
When your body becomes dependent on the astral body, the pleasure is connected, and your pleasure becomes her pleasure.
Whenever you touch and stroke your sensitive areas, the connected sexual pleasure makes the naked girl, who is not even a year old, shiver and gasp with pleasure.
[My body is astral, but I can still feel my brother’s cock entering me.]
It’s already like sex.

You are not psychic and you cannot see her, but you can only hear her voice. If her spiritual power is increased by sexually training with you, she may someday materialize her figure and you, who are not psychic, may be able to see her.

Heroine Introduction

【快感リンク型オナニー】ロリJ○が一緒に快感を感じてイッてくれる同期型★疑似セックスオナニーサポート音声 [I&U]

Name: Yui
A girl who comes from a family where women have had the ability to leave their bodies for generations. Her age is probably around 2 to 3 years old. Her breasts are still swollen and small, and her figure is still slender and child-like, but her skin is white and her body is very healthy. Her face is the prettiest of all her sisters, according to her mother. Today is her first time to train, so she is embarrassed and nervous about the sex act, but she is equally interested.

Scene List

  • Scene01 _ Nice to meet you _ Do you know what astral projection is? _Help with naughty training
  • Scene02_The pleasure is linked _Feeling together _It’s like real sex
  • Scene03_First time to shimmy_I’m sorry_I feel so good I can only move slowly
  • Scene04_The first insertion_Is this the virgin membrane? _And the rupture
  • Scene06_First time in my vagina_I’m so glad my cock is your cock
  • Scene07_In my vagina _I can’t stop crying because it feels so good_ I’m the happiest I’ve ever been
  • Scene08_My first ejaculation inside the vagina_Let’s cum together, let’s cum inside the vagina
  • Scene09_I love you!

Recording Information & Credits

Recording time
47 minutes 27 seconds

File format
MP3 is identical to the WAV content.

▼ Credits
CV:Hina Ayame @hina_ayame_vo
Illustration:Ko(left) @kuma_eni
Planning and production: I&U(I&U)


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