【Chloe Publishing】COMIC Shingeki June 2021

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Title:COMIC Shingeki June 2021
Maker:Chloe Publishing
Release date:2021/06/01
Genre:AllHappy, butt/hip, Alotofjuice/liquid, Continuousclimax, glasses, Shota, Mother, Daughter, Mother-in-law, MysisterMysister-in-law, Sister-in-law, Student, Classmate/colleagueStudent, Senior/Senior, gals, Bitch, invitation, uniform, cosplay, School/Academy, Romanticcomedy, Love-love/Ama-ma, Decadent, immoral, immoral, comedy, Sexploitation, Flirtation, Sex/soap, Cuckoldry, Cuckoldry, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Fellatio, Lewd, Exposure, brutal, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Forced/Orgy, Rape, Gangrape, Incest, Hypnosis, Anal, mobrape, brainwashing, squirting, Shortcuts, Bigtits/bigtits, Bigbelly/Pregnant, Bigtits, crazy, Lyona

Cover Illustration

Writing team!
Zero Raccoon [Mother – Afterwards, Everyday Life].
Hiroshi Itaba [Anezoku-sei [Episode 1]]
Mina Chano[Hypnosis game with me and you]]
Harsawa [Mother and Daughter Transforming [Episode 4]]
gonza[Mother and Child Affair]]
Aruto Seito [Daughter’s classmate]]
Ryokurin[The story of how my daughter didn’t stay at home].
Izuki Akizuki[Perversion hypnosis experiment [Episode 1]]
Haru Tsukushi [Saeko – Missing]]
Sukai Radar [Inside Memories]]
Takeaki Manabu[By any means necessary, I want to go to a blind date!!!].
Muchipan[Please choose your favorite body!]
hal[School Trip [Episode 2]~End of Paradise~]]


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