【special medicinal herbs】How I, a friend of the insensitive hero, built a harem–

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Title:How I, a friend of the insensitive hero, built a harem–
Maker:special medicinal herbs
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:school/college, harem, Cuckold, hairyface, Creampie, Anal, bigdick, virgin

A story about a man who lives a life of daily titillation and uses his attractive friends to aim for a harem life with his female students!

The story of a man who spends his days chintzing and dreams of graduating from virginity.
The story is about a man who wants to live in a harem with female students using his attractive friend.
This is a great way to get to know the people in your life.

-Asuka Saeki-(Classmate)
Saeki, Yuki’s childhood friend and track and field team member who was masturbating.
The woman Yamato used as an excuse to masturbate for the first time in his life.
I’ve always had a problem with Yamato, calling him a porn monkey.

By chance, he grabbed her weakness and used her sweaty virgin pussy on land.

I’m going to let you graduate from being a virgin.

-Yurika Shiratori (Student Body President)
The president of the student council that Yuki belongs to.
The president of the student council, to which Yuki belongs, who sees Yamato’s behavior on campus as dangerous and urges Yuki to keep her distance.
He is also the president of the student council.
The chairman of the student council has Yamato join the student council under his own supervision.
She spends her days masturbating on campus, and her perverted nature begins to blossom.

-Akari Koga (junior)
The story is about Yuki, who has developed a delicate distance from Asuka and Yurika.
This is the story of a young woman who has become friends with the people in the library she started going to.
Yamato, who was also going to the library as part of her student council duties, quickly closed the distance between us.

I’ve been trained from the very beginning to take pleasure in an innocent pussy that doesn’t even know how to masturbate.

I’m going to be living as a pet in a room where I can get laid.

-Reina Asahina-(Transfer student)
Yamato’s confidence grew as he degraded female students.

A transfer student who attempted to corrupt a girl on the spur of the moment.
She is the complete opposite of the boxed-in young lady-like appearance, with her quick-falling, small-fry pussy.

We moved to a new neighborhood, so I ended up coming into the house.

Asuka caught us at the scene…

-The second half…
Asuka arrives at Raina’s house.
Reina goes outside to talk with him.
And then there was Akari and Yurika.
Yamato has made a lover’s contract with all of them, and has built a harem of drinkers.
And then Yamato decides to send a video to Yuki to thank her for giving him the opportunity.

30 basic CGs
Differences – 388 pages including text
1035 pictures in total, including differences with and without text!

Image size 2220×1575 1575×2220


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