【Night Emperor】Mob Adultery Quest -Fucking NPCs in the VR World

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Title:Mob Adultery Quest -Fucking NPCs in the VR World
Maker:Night Emperor
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:Fantasy, harem, cuckold, hairyface, mobrape, Bigtits/bigtits, Bigtits, virgin



One day, the main character (you) downloads a certain VR game on your PC.
Unlike traditional VR games, this game allows you to fully dive into the real game world.
You’re skeptical, but you try it, and you’re really in the game!
But the characters in that world are all NPCs who repeat the same words.
Girls who only speak the same lines no matter what you say to them, and never refuse anything you do to them.

If you’re free to do whatever you want to the girls, then there’s only one thing to do!
I don’t care if they clear the game or not!
I’m going to rape and ravish every NPC girl in this game!

This is how the [Mob Adultery Quest] begins, with just you and the NPC girls!


This game is an RPG, but the main objective is to have sex with the NPC girls, and there is no final boss.

You can have sex with [all] the female characters that appear in the game. (Except for the old woman character)

It is possible to remove the clothes that the girls are wearing, and the event CG changes depending on the removal of the clothes.

There is more than one type of sex scene for each girl character!
Solves the common problem of NPC adultery [the same NPC sex scene is the same no matter how many times you watch it]!
Also, for some women, the event content changes between the first sex scene (virgin) and the second or later (non-virgin).

In addition, if you stay at an inn in town after fucking a girl, the girl will get pregnant the next day.
You can also enjoy having sex with a pregnant girl! (The scenario and CG will also change after pregnancy)

There are multiple endings in this game.
The ending will change depending on how many girls you have sex with.

If you want to take a closer look at the event CG, you can clear the message window by pressing Shift.

If you want to take a closer look at the event CG, you can clear the message window by pressing Shift.
You can go to the reminiscence room at any time from the crystal near the entrance of Prolo Village.


There are more than 30 female characters that you can have sex with!

You can have greeting sex with the usual RPG village girls at the entrance of 0 village.
This is the first time I’ve ever had sex with a newlywed wife in front of her husband.
This is the first time I’ve ever had sex with a saint.
This is the first time I’ve seen this video.
0 Public sex with a female priest preaching to God in the middle of the city.
A guild’s receptionist is fucked in the back as she deals with 0 customers.

The girl who smells the 0 flowers can smell the cock.

A young girl smells like flowers and smells like cock.
0Anal training with a female knight in training.
The queen and the princess were served a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs in front of the king and the knights.


There are many different types of NPC female characters.
There are as many different situations for sex as there are female characters.
You can enjoy all kinds of play: clothed, naked, virgin, non-virgin, pregnant, and more!

There are over 100 different sex scenes! (including differences).
More than 1000 CGs in total! (including differences)


This work is made with RPG Tucool MV.

You may not be able to start the game properly depending on your PC environment.
We recommend that you try the demo version first to see how it works.

Created by Night Emperor

pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/users/6749806




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