【Studio Southpaw】My girlfriend was set up and cuckolded by a creepy guy.

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Title:My girlfriend was set up and cuckolded by a creepy guy.
Maker:Studio Southpaw
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:Femaleperspective, affair, Cuckold, Creampie, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Exposure, Rape, Bigtits/bigtits

Includes information about her work.

[Hey, hey, hey, you and your wife are going to school again?]

[Oh, no. It’s not like that…]

The usual morning time. The usual exchange of ideas before morning practice.
It’s not like that.

A girlfriend who suddenly became estranged from me. A precious childhood friend who has been with me all my life.

A man you don’t know who stands by the side of your loved one.

A person with an expression that I don’t know, who is disturbed in a place I don’t know.

(No way, no how, to that creepy guy.)

As you savor my despair, as you revel in your immorality towards me.
She was supposed to be in love with him, but she was sitting lovingly on top of the greasy creep…

I’m going to continue with the story of how my childhood friend fell in love with a cuckold.

This is the second installment in Studio Southpaw’s Cuckolded Girlfriend series.


16 basic CGs.

Circle:Studio Southpaw

Script : Suruga竟Komou

Illustration : Zonta. (c) Mr. Yuzuru Yasuno. etc.


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