【Black Moon Hall】[Painful ASMR voice for S-sama] Dharma Whore 2 [water torture + choking!]

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Title:[Painful ASMR voice for S-sama] Dharma Whore 2 [water torture + choking!]
Maker:Black Moon Hall
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Girl, SM, Urinating/Peeing, DeepThroating, EarLicking, bellyflop

For S-someone! Painful ASMR voice!

I’m tired of listening to soothing voices!
I want to hear a girl’s painful voice!
This is a painful voice work for S-sama.

This is a video about a girl who is in pain.
Hard SM play.

All sound effects are newly recorded.
I used a binaural microphone for the recording.

All audio was recorded using 3Dio Free Space Pro II (black ears) binaural audio
Please watch with headphones or earphones.


A brothel in some foreign country.
After learning of the existence of [Dharma Whore], you go to see her from Japan.
You are immersed in hard SM play with Neve, a girl whose hands and feet have been cut off.
And last but not least…


A girl with no limbs (Neve) is lying on a bed when we enter the room of the brothel.
The first time you see a Dharma whore, you’re confused.

02_Shall I tell you a story about myself(15:11)
She tells you about the time Neve had her limbs cut off in her ear.
It is very horrible and at the same time it ignites your desire to be abused.

03_Forced Mouth Service(16:12)
You’re on top of Neve’s face, pressing your hips against hers and forcing her to give you an anal licking.
Neve licks her anus in agony.
Anata inserts her fingers and phone into Neve’s anus, hurting her.
She ejaculates in the end with deep Throating and belly paddling.

04_Water torture and urination play(6:43)
Water torture by submerging your face in an omar for Neve.

Forcing her to drink pee.
Finally, use Neve’s mouth as a toilet bowl and urinate your pee into it.

05_Random Sex(12:47)
When I get her on all fours with the few remaining limbs, I fuck her in the back.
Neve moans in pain.
She also posed with her belly on display, and then posed in the normal position.

I choke fuck her repeatedly, and finally, I cum inside her.

06_Dragging and ear licking service(13:06)
Anata applies drugs to her ears and lets Neve lick them.
This is a great way to get your ears licked.

07_Neve’s Request(2:17)
An alarm goes off, signaling the end of play.
Then, Neve will ask you for a favor.
What is that request?

Play time—1:09:09

Hi-Res WAV/48000Hz,24bit,Stereo

-Jacket illustration included
jpg format.
Two sizes are available: 800×450 size and 600×600 size.


Production: Doujin Voice Circle Kurogetsu-do

Script – Sound Effects – Editing – CV: Kanase

Illustration: Karu Nakaka


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