【Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise】Impregnation Games: You Can Save Yourself If I Impregnate You

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Title:Impregnation Games: You Can Save Yourself If I Impregnate You
Maker:Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise
Release date:2021/04/09
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, Decadence/immorality/immorality, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, confinement

[Warning] This is a devilish work.

1 hour 33 minutes 50 seconds total

One by one, the sisters are locked up…

The sisters are unaware of each other’s situation…

Sisters giving up their bodies in self-sacrifice to help each other

A devilish audio work for you scum

Haruka (sister)

Gentle. Mild. Neat and clean.
She’s getting married next month. Long black hair.

Yui (younger sister)

Active and sociable. Short blond hair. Intellectual. A little prideful. Strong family values.
He has just been admitted to the university of his first choice.

Impregnation game.

[If you get pregnant before the deadline, I won’t touch your sister(s). If you don’t get pregnant, I’ll lock up your sister (sisters) and make them suffer the same.] [

[If you don’t get pregnant, we’ll let you go after the deadline has passed. However, the other one will be forced to get pregnant].

Sisters who are different in type but have a deep familial love for each other…

desperately and hard to offer their bodies while thinking of the other.

[If I don’t get pregnant, my sister’s (younger sister’s) life will be messed up].

Sacrificing one’s self to perform flirtatious, serviceable, or perverted sex that pleases the listener…

My sister is getting married next month…

My sister is attending the university she was finally accepted to, and is working hard to make her dream come true…

They both care about the other’s life and are desperate to conceive at the expense of their own.


[Are you sure my sister will be spared if I impregnate her?]

My sister’s first.

I’m going to try my best to accept the situation and save my sister.
You can make her call out lewd words and humiliate her while licking and kissing her ears. ……

She also showed her guilt for her fianc, saying, “I’m sorry, …….

Impregnation serial act of “enjoying" sex and “dying to get pregnant".

My sister’s second time.

Seeding while filming NTR videos of her body for her fianc, with the promise that no one would see them.

Forced to say her fiance’s name
Perverted and aggressive intertwining to please in a desperate attempt to get her to ejaculate a lot.
Sometimes in a tearful voice, she tried her best to beg and make a baby in a desperate attempt to save her sister.

My sister’s first time.

She agrees to make a baby with the family love that she can’t ruin the life of her sister who is about to get married.
At first I thought, “Why don’t you just fuck him? “There’s no way I’m going to feel sex with a coward," “She’s so young, she’ll get pregnant right away just by doing it raw," etc.

In the beginning, you’ll be able to get pregnant just by doing it raw.

You realize that you have to make a move, and that you have to make the other person feel like it anyway.
You feel humiliated because of your pride, but you are forced to perform as instructed [casual, sweet, flirtatious, fun sex like lovers].

After the end of the game, the heroine thinks that she can get pregnant if she gets it inside her once, so she won’t have sex anymore, but she despairs when she finds out how low the human pregnancy rate is.
She accepts the proposal to give her fertility drugs if she accepts the conditions and takes them.

My sister’s second time.

The condition of giving clomid is to have cat maid cosplay sex and make babies [sweet, flirtatious, and fun] while making the ending [nyan].
In order to help my sister, I’m going to do my best to make a baby while my pride is hurt and trampled.
While occasionally on the verge of tears, panting in a sweet voice, acting like she’s having fun by appealing to her likes and loves, and making love inside her

My sister’s ending.

I had a mental breakdown.

Sister ending

I had a mental breakdown.

How to enjoy this work

Are you a devil lover? Are you aware that you are a scum?

This is the work that I want to bring to you.

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m so excited about this.

Please step on them to your heart’s content.

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Scenario:Takatomo Miyahara
Sister CV:Momoka Koisuzu
Sister CV: Gray Al
Illustration: Kuzushima
Circle:Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise


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