【Sweet Pot】Black Magic Girls and Secret Rituals

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Title:Black Magic Girls and Secret Rituals
Maker:Sweet Pot
Release date:2021/04/19
Genre:Occult, bullishattack, handjob, FootJob, ReverseRape, anal, earlicking, whispering



Mahoko Kurono (CV: Momoka Koisuzu) is the head of the occult research club and a girl who’s a little hard to get close to.
One day you pick up Mahoko’s lost item.
It’s a chance to get to know her, a beautiful woman who everyone recognizes, despite her eccentricities.
You visit the Oka-ken club room just to get a chance to get to know her, a strange but beautiful woman that everyone recognizes. There, you’ll find a man who’s been waiting for you to arrive.
There was Mahoko, waiting for him as if she knew.

You are treated to a cup of tea. But there is a drug in the tea.
Mahoko said, “You are the special one to help me gain the power of a witch.

You’re in the middle of the night.

You find yourself bound behind your back in a dimly lit room.
Mahoko says she is about to begin the ritual.

[Two naked men and women. It’s funny if you can’t imagine it. But I’ll tell you in words.]
[Sex, sex, sex. We’re going to have sex, sex, sex.]
[Shove your cock in my pussy and make me pump it in and out hard. Over and over and over again. Until the end of the night. That’s the ritual.] [

I’ve taken the liberty of making [you] a [special being to gain the witch’s power].
It’s a ritual.


She believes that you are the one who can give her the power she wants by having sex with you.
Mahoko is very excited about sex. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty, but it’s not the best way to get your hands dirty.
Sometimes, they will say things to you that are condescending.

“You’ve been reacting to my breath for a while now. And your cock is getting harder and harder.

[Mmmmmm. You have good taste. Very funny.] [
[Okay. I’m going to let that feeling blossom. More intense stimulation.] [

[Hmm. I can feel your cock twitching on the bottom of my foot. You must be a M to get excited like that.]
[Normally, you’d squirm, thinking that if someone stepped on you, they’d crush you, but instead, you’re getting harder and harder. What the hell are you expecting?] [



1 Prologue [05:22].

Mahoko picks up the (disproportionately impressive) stuffed animal that she always carries around [you].
visits the Occult Research Club’s club room
Mahoko is thanked and served tea, and chats with her smiling face.
However, the conversation gradually shifted towards the occult.

2 Before the Ritual [20:52].
Play: Hand job with restraints, whispering ear licking, ear licking hand job.

When I woke up, I found myself in a strange room. I was naked and strapped to a chair.

In front of me was a nearly naked Mahoko, wearing only a cloak.

She says [we are about to begin the ritual].
The first thing to do is to give her a hand job while keeping her body close and feeling her breath thrilling in your ear.
The tongue ravaged my ear canal and the intense squeezing made me come with or without saying a word.

3 intercourse rituals [19:09].
Play: Foot torture, masturbation, face-to-face sex.

When Mahoko saw the cock that had ejaculated once and had lost its energy, she
He stimulates me with his foot to make me feel better quickly.

You’re going to get better this way, aren’t you? Mahoko scoffed.

It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.
They will make you listen to the sound and provoke you more.

In the event you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there are a few things you can do.

4 Immoral Anal Sex [10:00].
Play: Anal Fingercuffing, Anal Intercourse

After the first intercourse, Mahoko smiles bewitchingly and says that she will release the restraints if you do as she says.
You decide to obey, and you are ordered to have anal sex.

In the event that you’re a witch, you’re going to need to have the ability to make use of your own personal information.
You do as she wishes, inserting yourself into her asshole and shaking your hips as hard as you can.

5 Epilogue [1:59].

Mahoko is disappointed that she can’t get the desired witch’s mark even after continuing the act.
Then she comes up with a suggestion.

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Performance by Momoka Koisuzu as Mahoko Kurono
Scenario]Makoto Kori

[Character introduction]

黒の魔女子と秘密の儀式 [スイートポット]

Mahoko Kurono(CV:Momoka Koisuzu)

A beautiful woman who is the head of the occult research club).
A woman with black hair who is more mature than her peers.

She is the head of the occult research club. By the way, no one has ever seen anyone else in the club besides her.

She believes in black magic and is interested in [witch rituals].
She is trying to gain witch power by performing her own interpretation of Sabbat, where witches commune with the devil.

He has no credibility when he makes his own interpretations, but he is very serious.

He knows that he is treated as an oddity, so he somewhat looks down on “ordinary people who don’t know anything".

It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s not that I don’t like it.


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