【lithium】A High School Girl, My Wife, and the Future Me – Shizuka Matsuzaki

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Title:A High School Girl, My Wife, and the Future Me – Shizuka Matsuzaki
Release date:2021/04/16
Genre:binaural/damihe, ASMR, MarriedWoman, Childhoodfriends, Student, Earwig, lovey-dovey/soft-eyed, Dailylife/life

Thank you very much for taking notice of my work.
This work is an ASMR work, using a binaural microphone.
In the past, I have presented works that use ambisonic microphones to realistically capture space, but in this work, I have gone back to basics and created a work that values the feeling in the ear.
WAV is recommended, but mp3 is also available, so please use whichever you prefer depending on your environment.

We hope you will enjoy it with headphones or earphones.

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High school version

Newlywed version

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女子高生、妻だったいつかの私と、これからの私 ー松崎静香ー [lithium]
女子高生、妻だったいつかの私と、これからの私 ー松崎静香ー [lithium]

Recorded content

Full length audio
Material for announcement (Natsumine Iroha’s announcement voice)
Jacket illustration (with design and illustration only)
Full length script
Greetings from the artist
Introduction of the creators


Iroha Natsumine as Shizuka Matsuzaki @168_irorinpa
Scenario : Miuami Eise @miuayase314
Illustration by Milo
Illustration production progress :Creation Up Design Office
Jacket design :motoharu
Production progress management :Noriyuki Wada @Noriyukiwada_
Recording and editing :Tokugawa Iye
Planning/Supervision :Akagami Otoha @AkagamiNeu


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