【A frog deep in the valley】If only there was a Mecha-Creepy who would do anything for you.

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Title:If only there was a Mecha-Creepy who would do anything for you.
Maker:A frog deep in the valley
Release date:2021/04/12
Genre:Moe, girl, Lolita, Loveable/Amaaama, Fellatio, NormalPlay, virgin


Mekakure, a shy girl who lives in the neighborhood, loves her brother.
Today, they are playing a game together at her brother’s house.
Mecakure-chan digs through a coal mine and gets a diamond, but she accidentally dives into magma.
You will lose all of your belongings.
He feels guilty and asks you to let him apologize for whatever he did.
They won’t back down even if you tell them they don’t need to.
You have no choice but to ask your brother to show you his pants.
I knew that if she was super shy, she would back down on this.
But to my surprise, Mecakure-chan really did show me her pants.
She was shy, but she lifted her skirt with both hands and her brother was untagged by her cute figure.
He proceeds to demand more.
It seems that Mecakure-chan will take care of those as well, even though she is shy.

[Recommended for…]
-I like mechakure heroines
-I like shy girls
-There’s nothing better than a shy girl.
-I like girls who are shy but still good at sex
-I want to be sucked with a small mouth
-I want to get my first time with a girl


何でもしてくれるmecakure-chanがいたら [谷奥の蛙]

mecakure-chan CV:彩夢ひな

A girl who is super shy.
She is not proud of her appearance, so she grows out her bangs to hide them.
She’s not that good at her studies or sports, and thinks she’s a bad girl at everything she does.

She has been playing with her brother, who lives nearby, since she was a child.
He is the only person I can talk to without hesitation.
Before I knew it, I had fallen in love with my brother, who was kind to me even when I was no good.

Of course, I don’t have the courage to share those feelings.

I’ve recently started to get a little interested in naughty things.
I do a lot of research on the Internet, and I think about my brother.


Track 1 Exposure 6:05
However, he accidentally loses a valuable item.
When she doesn’t back down and wants to apologize for something, her brother asks her to show him her pants.
But when she really shows it to him, she is so cute that he asks for more.

Track 2 Contact 9:55
When she took off her pants, her puffy crack was exposed.
She’s shy, but doesn’t seem to mind.
As I continue to insert my fingers and gently loosen the vagina, the girl’s breathing becomes more and more ragged.

track 3 oral sex 17:07
The girl’s bewildered sucking was more intense than he had expected.
The feeling of a warm tongue crawling over a nice spot.
Every time the little girl moved her head, a lewd sizzling sound echoed in the room.

Track 4 Coupling 17:04
A brother who can’t settle for just getting it out once.
Finally, he asks to have sex with her.
The girl’s vagina is very tight and squishy, but she is also very wet and lewd.

The girl in front of me looked very seductive.
I can feel the girl’s [raw] touch.
The sight of her cute voice and the way she felt made her brother’s lust accelerate.

Total play time:50:11


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Voice actor: Hina Ayumu
Illustration by Kaeru Amane

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