【Japanese hare (Lepus brachyurus) 】[20% OFF] The person in your favorite character is your childhood friend? ~This is the first time I’ve been able to do so.

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Title:[20% OFF] The person in your favorite character is your childhood friend? ~This is the first time I’ve been able to do so.

Maker:Japanese hare (Lepus brachyurus)

Release date:2021/04/11
Genre:tits\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, VTuber\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, givingsomeoneahardtime\r\n, blowjob\r\n, earlicking\r\n, whispering\r\n

☆☆☆☆ Neumann KU100 Collection ☆☆☆☆☆☆

In the thirteenth work of the circle “Choko Usagi", the favorite V-idol is actually a childhood friend!

In front of me is my childhood friend… but the voices are of my childhood friend and an idol…? In this situation, I was raped in both ears.

Go crazy…

We’re doing it again! Discount for the launch!

You can also enjoy two different characters with different personalities, so you get double the value!

A high performance dummy head microphone [KU100] delivers the inevitable ear rape sound that confuses the brain directly to your ears!

Trial version data

Download version: high-resolution sound source

Player version: Normal sound source

This is the first time I’ve done this.

[発売20%OFF!]推しキャラの中の人が幼馴染だった?!~有栖とアリス、ふたりとヤリましょ♪~【KU100バイノーラル】 [ちょこうさぎ]
[発売20%OFF!]推しキャラの中の人が幼馴染だった?!~有栖とアリス、ふたりとヤリましょ♪~【KU100バイノーラル】 [ちょこうさぎ]
[発売20%OFF!]推しキャラの中の人が幼馴染だった?!~有栖とアリス、ふたりとヤリましょ♪~【KU100バイノーラル】 [ちょこうさぎ]
[発売20%OFF!]推しキャラの中の人が幼馴染だった?!~有栖とアリス、ふたりとヤリましょ♪~【KU100バイノーラル】 [ちょこうさぎ]

The main story

[01_Hey… you like Alice, huh? Main Character: Miho (09:22)

One day, I was reading a V-Idol magazine during my break.

“You forgot your lunch again! Miho came in.

I reflexively hid it, but failed and was seen.

I thought you’d laugh at me, but …… Huh? I don’t know why they’re biting!

“Hey, which girl do you like? …… What? Alice?

Miho starts to get nervous. After being bombarded with more questions, ……

I’m going to show you something good, Alice. Meet me at my place after school.


[02_If you like Alice so much…] ★Main Character: Miho (15:03)

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your childhood friend’s room, and you’re a little freaked out.

The promised “good stuff"…but even rarer, a live autograph from Alice Miyanagi!

I don’t even have the one I’m pushing so hard for! You’re confused, and Miho asks you a bunch of questions again.

As she answered, Miho muttered, “I see…

I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

“Which are you better at, giving blowjobs or getting boobies? You can’t ask that on air.

I guessed your sexually harassing comment about “Alice Biyanagi"!

You are now in a state of confusion! You are suddenly thrown out of the room by Miho who is grinning at you. ……

“Hello, Cheshire Cats!

Suddenly, the voice of “Alice Miyanagi" came from inside!

What do you know about my all-time favorite V-idol, Alice Miyanagi?

It was my childhood friend, Miho Arisu!

Right in front of me is my childhood friend.

From my ears, I could hear the two voices, Alice and Miho, alternating…

“Hey, Cheshire Cat. If you like Alice so much…

What would you do if Alice pushed you down?

(whispering/character change/pushing down)

[03_Alice’s mouth will do it for you] ★Main character: Alice (20:54)

You are pushed down and your pants are removed.

Miho was amazed at how much she had grown since she was a little girl, but she was also excited by the sight of his big cock.

I’ll take it," she said, starting to suck his cock.

But when she sees you confused by your first blowjob, she changes her strategy…

“Good luck, Alice will lick this big cock.

My favorite “Alice Miyanagi" who makes me blush when she talks about sex.

When she starts to give you a blowjob, you can’t wait to get a full erection! It’s a straight line to ejaculation!

I’m sure you’re not the only one.

Miho smiles happily at the scene and whispers to the devil.

You made a comment, didn’t you?

“Which are you better at, sucking cock or sucking cock? "

(pushing down / whispering / blowjob (Miho) / first time blowjob (Alice) / oral ejaculation / burping / cumming)

[04_next_to_my_boobs Main Character: Miho (09:32)

The first time someone ejaculates on you, you are in a state of mindlessness, but Miho doesn’t care about that.

I’m sure you’ll agree that I have bigger boobs than Alice.

And when I start to squeeze my sensitive cock between my legs, I can easily get it hard again.

I don’t know. I’m not going to stop attacking you with my big tits.

When they found out that I usually masturbate with Alice as a side dish, they didn’t get angry.

“My dick feels good. It feels good to have a cock, it feels good to have sex, it feels good to have sex, it feels good to have sex, it feels good to have sex, it feels good to have sex.

You can’t resist the waves of pleasure, and now you’ve covered Miho’s tits in cum.

“Okay, which is it? My boobs or…

“Which felt better, Alice’s mouth or her blowjob?

(Titjob (Miho) / Verbal abuse (Miho & Alice) / Agitation / Ejaculation / Whispering)

[05_It’s a good deal if you go out with me~] ★Main Character: Miho (11:34)

With his cock still large, Miho gets on top of you and says, “So…shall we continue?

It’s just foreplay, and we’re going to have sex.

He started to take off his clothes, but Anata waited for him.

For those of you who think it’s wrong to have sex with someone you’re not even in a relationship with.

“So, let’s go out. Miho said simply.

In fact, I’ve liked him for a long time. I’m not saying this lightly.

When he found out that I liked Alice, he took a chance and brought her to me.

You are moved by Miho’s true feelings (and Alice’s seduction).

I’m okay with going out with you.

Her joy was short-lived, but she couldn’t resist saying, “Well, let’s have sex anyway! But Miho couldn’t resist…

When he finds out that you are a virgin, he will send you to …….

With me, then.

“With Alice. Which one do you want to unload with?

(Cowgirl / Whispering / Confession / Seduction)

Main character: Alice (23:59) [06_Alice and the brush-off, let’s do it

Miho smiles and says yes to your request to have a brush-off with Alice, the woman of your dreams.

Alice is a virgin, so she wants you to take the lead… so she gets into a normal position.

I’ll be back in one piece with Alice.

“Press the tip of your cock against my vagina." “Fuck me with your cock.

A lot of nasty words that you can’t imagine from the usual Alice…

She was so aroused by your fierce pistoning that she could no longer afford to be “Alice".

I’m not sure what to say, but I’m going to say it.

(Showing off pussy / Normal sex (Alice) / Brushing off / Virginity & virginity (Alice) / Guided sex / Whispering / Foul language / Kissing / Vaginal ejaculation)

[07_It’s my turn now, right? Main Character: Miho (23:47)

You’re in a state of ecstasy when you’re given a brush-off in the middle of the night, and Miho is satisfied with a nice vaginal come.

But the one I just fucked was just Alice, so…

“Now it’s your turn to have sex with me, right?" she begged.

“She asked me to do something for her, so I said yes, but then she straddled you, who was exhausted from the continuous ejaculation.

Now, sex in cowgirl position!

Unlike Alice, Miho is a highly sexual person, and she attacks me and makes me cum again…?

“Alice is me, and I am Alice.

“You want to pee in my pussy, don’t you, baby?

(cowgirl sex / fucked sex / whispering / swear words / ear licking / lovemaking / Nakadashi / 2 character blame)

08_We’ll make you feel so good that you’ll die…] ★Main characters: Miho & Alice (15:14)

Alice and Miho, you have ejaculated vaginally on both of them.

However, having sex for the first time & being able to have sex with Alice, the woman of my dreams, left me with an erect cock.

Miho said, “As her, I have to make her feel good until the end.

She hugged me from behind and started attacking me, saying, “I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll die!

Squeaking his cock, clenching his nipples, his breath hitting my left ear, and ear licking….

I feel like I’m going crazy just from the close, unseen attack from behind! And then…

Who’s blaming you now?

Alice’s voice came out of my right ear!

Alice and Miho whispering to me from both sides, licking me…

You won’t be able to finish with just one ejaculation!

(Close contact behind / whispering blame / both ears blame / 2 characters blame / verbal blame / hand job / nipple blame / ear blow / hand job ejaculation / continuous ejaculation / squeezing)


09_Miho and the earworm! Main Character: Miho (19:34)

One day, Anata comes to Miho’s room.

I’m not sure what to say, but I’m going to say it.

So, I asked Miho to scratch my ears.

(ear scratching / Brahma / knee pillow / lovey-dovey)

10_Alice and Earwig] ★Main Character: Alice (20:12)

Another day, I come to Miho’s room, and there she is, unusually nave.

Apparently, she was nervous before tomorrow’s big joint event as “Biyanagi Alice".

I suggested to her that if she spent the day as Alice, she would be able to go into the event with her usual tension.

After all, this time I’m going to be doing the ear scratching as “Alice"!

(Cotton swab ear scratching / Brahma / Ear kissing / Knee pillow / Flirting)

Total play time: 2 hours 50 minutes


陽向葵ゅか 様 ( https://twitter.com/yukanyan2525 )


Planning and production: Choko Usagi

イラスト: 武藤此史 様( https://twitter.com/kuripoko )
Scenario: Mr. Ichidzo Kanno

Scenario supervisor: Choko Usagi

Editing/Effects: Audio Production Department, Polar Bear Secret Society

■Twitter ≪ https://twitter.com/choco_usagi_rb
■Ci-en ≪ https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/6694
■ツイキャス(生配信) ≪ https://twitcasting.tv/choco_usagi_rb
■姉妹サークル「ちょこうさぎプチ」 ≪ https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG45859.html


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