【Raimu / Haruka Tenchi 】Sex Change Ninpo -Futanari-Den-” Ninjutsu Sex Change Binaural Voice Ear Licking Main Performance Hi-Res CV Haruka Tenchi, Minase Ryouka

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Title:Sex Change Ninpo -Futanari-Den-" Ninjutsu Sex Change Binaural Voice Ear Licking Main Performance Hi-Res CV Haruka Tenchi, Minase Ryouka

Maker:Raimu / Haruka Tenchi

Release date:2020/04/01
Genre:ASMR\r\n, feminization\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, anal\r\n, earlicking\r\n, wingedspindle-tree(Euonymusalatus)\r\n

Sex change ninja from male to female!

The two sisters have been transformed by erotic ninja techniques into two-fisted ninjas!

She becomes a woman, body and soul, and her sisters insert and remove their own cocks…

You realize that you can’t go back to being a man as your erotic juices gush out!

The thrill of binaural sex, including anal sex, real sex, ear licking, and more!

Haruka Tenchi and Minase Ryouka’s rich and elegant voices will make your ears come alive!

I’ve got a sample for you, please listen to it! How about tonight?

Recommended points!

I’m going to have my hair combed, and I’m going to join the ladies…

The abundance of anal play is sure to send tingles down your spine!

I can’t stop ejaculating from the sticky blowjobs and pies!

It is completely feminized and can be hotly inseminated with mantra like a woman!

You will feel a new awakening in your changing body!

I got a stiff erection from their double ear licking, moaning, and whispering.

I can’t stop ejaculating!

Full binaural recording for 3D sound that you can feel right next to you!

I can’t resist the wave of high-resolution, and my lumpy hands increase in speed!

It’s impossible to resist the pheromones of these two sisters!

CV: Haruka Tenchi’s tenderness, eroticism, and tongue-in-cheek voice are completely defeated!

I’m not sure what to make of it, but I’m sure it’s a good idea.

If you’re a maniac and want to make it into a woman or two, I highly recommend it!

There is a sample available for your listening pleasure!


In this day and age, the power of the demons is expanding… and you, who have newly joined the lid-narrowing ninja squad, will be turned into a lid-narrowing ninja…

In order to become a Futanari Ninja, you must take in a large amount of the Futanari Ninja’s semen into your body…

This time, I’ve decided to make you a lidless ninja with the lidless ninja remodeling technique… Can your body withstand the pleasure of the shaking?

Scene contents

Scene 1: Feminization treatment at a hideout, starting with a naughty deep kiss, followed by a blowjob and ear licking.

Track01 21:44

Thick and moist kisses Shizuku + Saori

Blow Job Drop

Blow Job + Ear Licking Saori

After her hair is combed and red is applied, she is ready to be a woman.

She is made to give a raw blowjob. A large amount of semen into her own feminized vagina.

Track03 11:29

I’ll take it from Saori.

Receiving a blowjob from a drop

Scene 3: You’ve become a full-fledged ninja, and your sisters are now giving you anal torture, breasts, and

Blow job to climax mode!

Track05 16:42

Pisstake blowjob from Saori

I’ll take anal fucking.

Ear licking during play.

The three famous swords clash and rub against each other.

The juices gushing from the wet and flaming famous sword!

Track07 15:01

A toast and a burly, two-faced sword on a pole with a helmet

Total play time: 1 hour and 4 minutes

Extra: add version without SE

File format

FLAC format

MP3 format 256kbp

WAV format 96kHz/24bit

Binaural high-resolution sound quality

Cover illustration included

Size Large

Planning: Orihal

CV: Haruka Tenchi

CV: Minase Ryouka

Scenario: Sahiro Nishiya

Illustration: Orihal

Material used: 【Mijinko material


  • 『性転換忍法-ふたなり伝-』忍術性転換バイノーラル音声 耳舐め 本番 ハイレゾ CV天知遥・涼花みなせ [雷夢]

    名前:沙織(さおり)CV: Haruka Tenchi

    Profile: One of the two-fisted ninja who fight against the demons spreading in this world. Originally a male ninja, he has been transformed into a female ninja to fight the demons that are gaining power. He used to be a strong male ninja, but his spirit has been completely feminized and he is full of motherhood. She is the best in the world at sexual intercourse and leads us to pleasure with her ninja skills. He has a huge dick and is called Masamune. He tends to like red things. He is mainly a carnivore.

  • 『性転換忍法-ふたなり伝-』忍術性転換バイノーラル音声 耳舐め 本番 ハイレゾ CV天知遥・涼花みなせ [雷夢]

    名前:雫(しずく)CV: Minase Ryouka

    Profile: He fought alongside Saori and together they evolved into twin ninja. He overcame many wars and became an advanced ninja, but he accepted to evolve further into a futanari ninja in order to suppress the power of demons. He was concerned about the feminization of his mind when he became a ninja, but now he enjoys the feminization. Shizuku also has a huge dick and is called Muramasa. He likes purple things, and many of his belongings are purple.


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