【0∞1】Big Tits Chihuahua Miko Encounter

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Title:Big Tits Chihuahua Miko Encounter
Release date:2021/03/20
Genre:Kemono/beastmen, Oneshota, “mothersmilk", childbirth, Forced/Forced, Bigtits/bigtits, Doubletits/monstertits/supertits, Pregnantwomen

A giant Chihuahua shrine maiden with huge breasts who lives in a shrine and a human boy with snow colored hair.

A boy with amnesia who wakes up alone on the ground surrounded by forest and doesn’t know his own name.
A boy walks out of the forest, finds a shrine, meets a chihuahua miko with huge breasts, and comes to live with her at the shrine, but the boy is troubled.
The boy has a problem: he doesn’t have amnesia, and he’s being subjected to all sorts of erotic pranks by the Chihuahua shrine maiden.
She shows him her boobs, makes him listen to sexually suggestive naughty words, and forces him to have sex.

Chihuahua shrine maiden’s special skill “divine power" is used to be raped in a novel new sense of sex! She is transformed into an animal!

79 pages of text + 12 pages of extras
English dialogue version is also included in the package.


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