【beluga whale 】Hameto! ~Isn’t it enough that your pussy feels good? ~Hey!

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Title:Hameto! ~Isn’t it enough that your pussy feels good? ~Hey!

Maker:beluga whale

Release date:2021/03/22
Genre:ASMR\r\n, childhoodfriend\r\n, handjob\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, onanism\r\n, blowjob\r\n, MultiplePlay/Orgy\r\n, earlicking\r\n

ハメとも!!~おま〇こ気持ちよければそれでよくない?~ [シロイルカ]

Extra bonus! High-resolution standby screen" image supervised by current JD

ハメとも!!~おま〇こ気持ちよければそれでよくない?~ [シロイルカ]

It comes with a standby screen in the style of ISTA “Stories" and a high-resolution illustration of the package!

If you use this image as your standby screen, your sense of realism will increase 100-fold!

Realistic JK for you.

And the JK in this work is uncommonly realistic. The characters were created after thorough research and verification of real JKs.

The characters and sounds are so vivid that they are no longer two-dimensional, but rather 2.9-dimensional, and we hope you enjoy them with Foley Sound…!


ハメとも!!~おま〇こ気持ちよければそれでよくない?~ [シロイルカ]

My classmates Ruri and Karen came to my house and we decided to have a Tako-Pa (takoyaki party).

It all started when the two of them said they wanted to watch all episodes of the Korean drama “Emergency Landing of Love" on an all-you-can-eat Internet streaming service.

I had a 65-inch LCD TV, my parents never came home late, I had a tako-yaki pan, and best of all, I knew my childhood friends.

The takoyaki party started off peacefully, although I was nervous about the unprecedented situation of two girls coming to my house. ……

The girl talk escalates without me, and before I know it, it turns to sexual topics.

“Boys get a hard-on just from seeing your pants, right?

Ruri and Karen suddenly said, “I want to see your erect penis," and half-jokingly held my body down.

Eventually, the girls get into a groove and start doing naughty “experiments" with me. ……

It was as if JK had actually come to my house.

From the chewing of potato chips to the frying of tako-yaki (octopus dumplings), every single sound of daily life was carefully considered in the sound making process.

A unique rawness that gradually turns into an obscene atmosphere from the machine gun girl talk that tickles the ears and is unique to women’s meetings.

And then, with curiosity and sexual desire taking over, sex begins to happen in an uncontrolled manner. ……

The immoral pleasure of being “experimented on.

“Before I know it, I’m at my wits’ end and I want to have sex with you.

This is a fascinating foley sound experience that perfectly recreates the lazy and dirty fantasies of all boys. !!!!

Heroine Introduction

ハメとも!!~おま〇こ気持ちよければそれでよくない?~ [シロイルカ]

Ruri CV:Kaede Akino

Height: 154cm

Tits: G cup

Your childhood friend and classmate. Cute but nerdy.

Her hobbies include cosplay and watching anime.

My position in the class is that of a geek with a sunny disposition.

(She has a beautiful face, but because of her otaku character, she is not categorized as a beautiful girl in her class.)

As is often the case with otaku, his mind is very quick and he talks very fast.

He has two accounts on social networking sites, one for collecting anime information and one for FPS only.

I have an older boyfriend who I met at a nerd event, but he’s not particularly handsome.

Rather than a boyfriend, he’s more like an exclusive photographer for Ruri’s cosplay.

She is a bit of a lascivious girl, and her sex life is more S-like.


“Only you can win, Ryoma.

“I love Offutunland.

“Tofu mentality.

“Way to go.

Karen CV: Yuzuki Tsubame

Height: 160cm

Tits: F cup

Your classmate, probably one or two of the prettiest in the class.

He is categorized as a “youkai" in his class, but he has never been aware of that.

Her skin is very white. Pale.

Ruri often appears on social media because they look like a beautiful girl duo when they are photographed together.

There are also accounts for old man fishing.

Everyone in her class thinks she has a boyfriend, a college student she met at her part-time job, but it’s actually a misunderstanding on everyone’s part.

I didn’t even deny it because it was so bothersome, but the truth is that there didn’t seem to be such a thing and I was a virgin.

He is a latent dominant who is attracted to choking and ass beating.


“Sukipi comes out of nowhere." – But she’s a virgin.

And the eroticism will happen suddenly.

I want to have a face lift.

“Let’s play Smash Bros.


ハメとも!!~おま〇こ気持ちよければそれでよくない?~ [シロイルカ]

1] JK (2) came to my house – Doki Doki Takopa – (9:47)

My classmates, Ruri and Karen, came to my house to watch a Korean drama.

For some reason, we decided to have a takoyaki party at our house because we have a big TV and I live alone.

Their girl-talk progressed with such an appropriate “groove" that it was hard for us to follow.

Surrounded by two of the most beautiful girls in my class, I was so nervous that I didn’t even bother to get ready.

The girls are free to start relaxing at home. ……

[2] Gradually becoming obscene, girl talk drinking party (7:12)

After watching the drama, my room became a place for drinking.

The word “erection" suddenly pops up when we are talking about our boyfriends, our love lives, and other random things.

Does your dick ever get hard?

The two of them, clearly in a strange state of tension, jokingly held me down and began to undress me.

When they saw my unwilling but slightly aroused and stiffened crotch, they had a surprising reaction: ……

[3] JK raw blowjob from …… after being used as an experimental subject without masturbation (9:36)

Ruri and Karen, holding a masturbator that they’ve been stealing from my room for some time, say something like, “You should try it.

The atmosphere was so overwhelming that I had no choice but to continue shagging her, and she teased me by showing me her pants and letting me touch her breasts. ……

I come uncontrollably in front of them.

In addition, Ruri began sucking on the sensitive “it" right after it was shot, making obscene sounds that I’ve never heard before. ……

[4] A threesome sex party that starts with a fling (19:48)

Oh my God, I’m getting wet.

During the blowjob, Ruri and Karen are in full heat mode.

Out of curiosity, sexual desire, and “flirting," she began to take turns straddling me and shaking her hips, relentlessly tormenting my ears and my whole body.

They seemed to have completely forgotten the original purpose of the takoyaki party, and invited me to cum again and again.

Over and over again, we were drowning in the extraordinary pleasure of having a threesome with our classmates, who were usually sitting next to each other in their desks.

They have sex with each other as they devour each other’s bodies. ……

5] Karen’s Extra (4:53)

[6] Luli extra (6:31)

[Total time 57 min.


High-resolution/binaural recording with dummy head microphone (48kHz/24bit).

A lightweight version of the MP3 file is included.

Package illustrations included.


CV: Kaede Akino

CV: Yuzuki Tsubame

Illustration: Ruka Shirai

Planning: Beluga whale

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