【Sweet Pot】A Room You Can’t Leave Unless You Do

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Title:A Room You Can’t Leave Unless You Do
Maker:Sweet Pot
Release date:2021/03/19
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Yandere, HandJob, Creampie, Earlicking, whispering, virgin


This work is a binaural audio work. It is recommended to use headphones or earphones.
The sound quality of the sample files is for sample purposes only. A 96,000hz/24bit WAV file will be included in the full-length version. MP3 files are also included in the package.


You wake up to find that you are the manager of an idol named [Mayu Himenokura] (CV: Chiuri Yuki).
You’re trapped in a mysterious locked room with no windows. A pure white room with no windows. There is a monitor on the wall.
After a while, text appears on the monitor.
[You must complete a mission in order to leave the room].
[The two of you must kiss in order to leave the room].
[If only that were enough to get out!] And a strangely positive cocoon.
Puzzled, I kissed her, and part of the wall really opened up.
The two of them leave the room, delighted.
But that was not the exit, it was a new room.
Eventually, a new mission appears on the monitor.

Who is doing this and why?
(*The culprit is Mayu)

Note: This story contains yandere elements. There is no cruelty in this story.
This is a story about a girl who loves you so much that she spares no effort or money to make you happy.
Please enjoy it.

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1 Prologue: The Room You Can’t Leave Without Kissing [09:31].

When [you] woke up, you and Mayu were trapped in a mysterious locked room.
The monitor in the room displayed the explanation that [the door will not open unless you kiss].
[You have a next job, so let’s just get it over with and leave the room.] [
The door really did open when I kissed her, prompted by the positive cocoon.

Play: Kissing

The second room, the one you can’t get out of unless you get a hand job [21:29].

When you leave the room you woke up in, you are not outside, but in another room.
The door to the previous room is closed again, and there is another monitor in the new secret room.
The next mission that appears is [ejaculate with a hand job].
The cocoon freaks out, but I’m determined to get out.
The next mission is [ejaculate with hand job].
[Would you like to try a mouthful?]

Play: Hand Job Blow Job

3 Second Room Take 2 [21:43].

I couldn’t help but notice the lusty whispering voice of Mayu, which I couldn’t imagine from her normal voice.

The first time I saw her, she was so happy to see me.
Her breath on your ear eventually turns into an ear licking action.
The cocoon gently licks your ear.

Play Description Whispering ear licking, ear licking hand job

4 Spoilers [06:20].

The third room, which was beyond the second room, was different from the previous ones.
It was a lovely, neat and tidy interior.
This is where Mayu makes her shocking confession.

The room you can’t get out of without inserting 5 [21:36].

The mission in the last room is [insert].
While Mayu, who confessed her true feelings, seduces you in a seductive way
[It’s the only way to get out if you don’t]," she whispers.
Finally, [you] insert.
You can’t help it if you don’t have a choice.
The strategy is well thought out and can be found at …….

Play Description Kissing, breast caressing, normal position sex

6 Epilogue [3:17].

Pillow talk in a cocoon

[Performance] Mayu Himenokura as Chiuri Yuki

Illustration]:Ao Konno
Scenario]:Makoto Kikiori

Sound cooperation] Arrange

Character introduction

本当にあった ○○しないと出られない部屋 [スイートポット]

Name: Mayu Himenokura (CV: Chiuri Yuki)

The idol that [you] are in charge of as a manager.
A bright and energetic girl.

Her family is very wealthy and famous, and she often talks about the family motto.
[Don’t hesitate after you’ve made up your mind. This is the family motto of the Himenokura family!]

I have a crush on [you], but because of my job, I can’t go out with you.

I don’t usually show that kind of attitude because I think they won’t accept me because of my work.
As a result, the pent up feelings explode and go out of control.
I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to create a pre-existing condition first, and that’s why I’m taking this action.


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