【[binaural】[Binaural] The masturbator’s classmate gal JK is surprisingly churlish and easy to fall for

[Ranking]24 Hours:#16, 7 Days:#42
Title:[Binaural] The masturbator’s classmate gal JK is surprisingly churlish and easy to fall for
Release date:2021/03/19
Genre:lewdwords, binaural/damihe, ASMR, Gal, Love/Love/Amaaaa, Creampie, Urinating/Peeing, Gulping/eating

【バイノーラル】オナホ係の同級生ギャルJKは意外にチョロくて惚れやすい [ろんりーわん]

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A story about a girl who falls in love with a masturbator while having sex with him at school.

【バイノーラル】オナホ係の同級生ギャルJKは意外にチョロくて惚れやすい [ろんりーわん]

-You can get a free copy of this book.
-Four out of five tracks are about sex, with a bit of male dominance.
-In order to lead a healthy school life, the [masturbator] can be fucked at any time!
-The chubby gal becomes conscious of the main character as she is used.

The masturbator

A girl who is in charge of the sex drive of the boys in her class.
During this period, you can conveniently “use" any part of the masturbator’s body.

This month’s staff member is “Eri Hayase", the most popular gal in the class.
This month’s attendant is Eri Hayase, a.k.a. Eri-Pyon, who is always with the yokels.
I’ve never really talked to you on the otaku side.

I tried to talk to her when she became a masturbator, and she was surprisingly nice to me.
I’m a gal with a good groove. ……?

Eri Hayase CV. Haru Koyama

【バイノーラル】オナホ係の同級生ギャルJKは意外にチョロくて惚れやすい [ろんりーわん]

The masturbator of the month.
The most popular gal in the class with a cheerful personality.
My friends call me [Ellipin].

She is positive and has a “I’ll get by" mindset.
Skipping class or wearing out the uniform.
Although he is a problematic student who often gets angry with his teachers for skipping class and losing his uniform, he is still a good student.
I’m not a bad student, my grades are in the middle of the pack.

/ Profile /
Name:Eri Hayase
Chest: F cup B90-W59-H91
Blood type: Type 0
Favorite: Pecky chocolate


【バイノーラル】オナホ係の同級生ギャルJKは意外にチョロくて惚れやすい [ろんりーわん]

This work also has a lot of hidden words and tongue kissing!
The usual “urination play" is also available at Rollie Wang!

As the [love level] rises, so does the [love level].
Please enjoy the exquisitely changing kisses and moans as your [love level] increases.

Track List

1The first after-school masturbator [love level 0] ◆16:00(ejaculation 13:54)
(Classroom Sex / Chair Top Face to Face / Pecky Game / Bello Chewing / Nakadashi)
I talk to Eri Hayase, the sleeping masturbator, and ask her to let me have sex with her.

I have no love for the main character, but I don’t particularly dislike him either.
This is a good opportunity for them to become friends.

210 minutes off for easy sex [Loved Level 3] ◆11:28(Ejaculation 09:03)
(Sex behind the school building / face-to-face standing / kissing and fucking / Nakadashi)
We had sex behind the school building during a short break.

Face to face standing position. Eli is used to kissing and relieving his sexual desires.
I’m getting used to being desired a lot by the main character, but I’m starting to get curious.

3 gymnasiums out and standing back [love level 5] ◆18:59(ejaculation 15:21)
(gym gymnastics sex/unauthorized instant kissing/jumping out standing back/intercourse)
She slipped out during gym class and backed up in the gym warehouse.

Eri, who is much more interested in the main character.
I’ve been enjoying having sex with the main character for a while now, and I’m starting to fall in love with him.
This is the first time I’ve seen her in a movie.
I’m always slacking off, is that okay with you?

4 dismissal time, jealousy blowjob [love level 7] ◆19:28(ejaculation 15:16)
(jealousy blowjob / balls licking / oral ejaculation / gokkun / pee drinking)
Eri asks me to have sex with her on the landing of the stairs to the roof, but I refuse.
When she sees the main character talking to another girl, she gets jealous.
She doesn’t give him a pussy, only a blowjob.
She found herself jealous and also realized that she liked the main character.
He also pees and drinks at the end, and somehow gets into a better mood?

5 Last Day Confession Love Pussy [Loved Level 10] ◆22:02(Ejaculation 18:13)
(lovemaking / normal position / ear licking / “I love you" / tongue kissing & Creampie)
I try to have sex with her on the last day, but Eri invites me to her house.
I’ll be your masturbator until the end of the day.
The main character’s feelings are stirred up by the fact that he won’t be able to have sex with Eri tomorrow.
Eri, who has grown quite fond of the protagonist, confesses her feelings to the protagonist.

[You’re a different person from tomorrow, aren’t you? Today is the last]
[If we become lovers, we can have sex tomorrow, right?] [

[content details]
Approx. 88 minutes (MP3/WAV selectable with/without SE)
This is a binaural recording using a binaural microphone.

声優:こやまはる[ http://eien17.xxxxxxxx.jp/ ]
イラスト:wara [ https://twitter.com/Xwara ]
Planning/Scenario: Lonelyone

The Eripin project started from the official Rollywan Youtube audio!
The voice and face of this girl are exactly the same as those of Eripin from another world! Please check this out too.
It has nothing to do with the story of this work.


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