【boyish sex LAB 】The longest masturbation streak ever! Climax masturbation without a break! Squirting in a flood! Ice on nipples and clitoris! Ice insertion! Pee [Binaural, Demonstration Audio, ASMR, Foley Sound].

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Title:The longest masturbation streak ever! Climax masturbation without a break! Squirting in a flood! Ice on nipples and clitoris! Ice insertion! Pee [Binaural, Demonstration Audio, ASMR, Foley Sound].

Maker:boyish sex LAB

Release date:2021/03/06
Genre:tits\r\n, Largeamountofjuice/liquid\r\n, continuousclimax\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, ASMR\r\n, onanism\r\n, Urination/Peeing\r\n, femaleejaculation\r\n

Vol. 20! The longest ever continuous masturbation for 9 days! Climax masturbation without a break! Pee! Squirting! ASMR!

In this film, Riru Azusawa is really masturbating in front of a microphone.

Recorded with high-resolution, binaural and condenser microphones.

To keep it realistic, I only removed the noises that were annoying to the ears, but basically left them as they were (I recorded this at home, so there are ambient sounds. Sorry!)

Finally, the 20th one! (Technically, it’s the 21st, but… ^^)

Thank you so much for all your help, researchers!

Thank you to all the newcomers for finding Riruha!

Nice to meet you or have a nice day (#^^#)

This is Riruha Shodosawa.

This time it’s “Nine days of continuous masturbation!

This is not a research, but rather a presentation (#^^#).

I’ve done a week-long project before.

I’ve never done 9 days before, and it’s the longest!

Actually, I was going to make it a week-long masturbation project, but…

I thought, “I want to reshoot the beginning. I thought, “I want to reshoot the beginning!

I found myself masturbating for 9 days straight (^^)


At the beginning of the book, he says, “One week straight masturbation project.

In fact, it turned into a 9-day continuous masturbation project (^^)

scrambling to get back on one’s feet

The first day.

Finger masturbation (#^^#)

Right at the start, already.

Guccu! Guccu! Guccu! He said.

It’s making a lot of naughty sounds (≧ω≦).


Scrubbing and rubbing.

I squirmed and squirmed.

I’m sorry.

And then…

Slip off the thong.

I inserted my finger.

Guccun! Guccun! Guccun! And…

It made an even more awesome sex sound (≧ω≦), a huge flood!

Keep your fingers inserted.

How do you play with the inside of your pussy?

Explained in detail (^^^)

In the second half, I felt so good that I got completely carried away.

I want your penis (#^^#).

After masturbation

It was too much flooding.

It was hard to clean up the puddle!


I thought I’d take back the beginning of yesterday.

It’s supposed to be the first day.

It’s actually the second day (^^^)

On this day, no bra!

And I was wearing a thong again.

Finger masturbation, AGAIN (#^^#)

Like the sound of boobs.

Or the sound of pubic hair.

I’ve recorded it!

So, you know, I squirt in the second half.

Every time I move my finger, I hear “Gop! Gop! every time I move my finger.

It felt so good, but it was also so embarrassing.

I squirted a lot.

It’s a big flood again (^^)

Immediately after climaxing, I squirted too much.

I’m really thirsty (≧ω≦)

で、It was too much flooding.

It was hard to clean up afterwards – the second time I’ve done it.

And then…
I also recorded a pee-pee…(#^^#) ugh!

On this day, I peed a little bit, but not too much.


The day before, I wanted your penis so badly (^^).

I masturbated with a dildo that day (#^^#).

Actually, I recorded it after I got home from work.

I was going to take a shower before the recording.

My pants are already wet…

I was walking along, thinking that I was going to masturbate to the recording.

I think my pussy reacted and got wet…

Riru is too naughty, isn’t she?

Finger masturbation before dildo insertion.

I was already squirting.

I’m so embarrassed!

And then…
Inserting a dildo into her pussy!

It really made me feel good.

“Let’s masturbate together! Squeak it out!

(≧ω≦) I’m begging for it!

And I climaxed beautifully and deeply (#^^#).

I measured my heart rate.

It turned out to be just a light run, lol.

So, pull out the dildo and go to ……

While explaining the condition of the dildo he pulled out.

I gave her a dildo blowjob (#^^#) ugh.

And then…
I also recorded a pee-pee…(#^^#) ugh!

I’m peeing with a lot of energy as usual.


On this day.

It’s electric masturbation (#^^#)

It’s a whisper.

Maybe it’s a bit naughty.

So …… I came deep into it (≧ω≦).

Even after I came, I continued to shag. …… It felt so good. ……

I’m coming and I’m still coming. …… It’s amazing. ……


On this day.

After the muscle training, from the huffing and puffing state.

Toy masturbation (≧▽≦) hahahaha


It’s a clitoral sucker with a vibrator function (#^^#).

So it’s also clitoral masturbation!

So …… I climaxed deeply (≧ω≦) Hyah!

I think I came faster than usual…

I wonder if it’s because I’m after strength training?

As for the results of the experiment… it just felt good! (≧▽≦)!

The floor was soaked (^^^)

Even the soles of my feet were soaked!


On this day.

I’ve already started the audio as soon as it started (^^)

Actually, I was reading a yuri manga (healthy) before the recording.

The manga was sexy… and Riru couldn’t get enough of it…

I’ve started masturbating (#^^#)

I’m gonna squirt…

And the gurgling sound is amazing…

It felt so good… and I was getting more and more into it…

From about the middle of the game.

I’m completely obsessed.

Squirting and making gurgling sounds.

I’m in a mess.

And then, just like that… I came inside!

But, you know, I still want to do it, so…

I’m going to masturbate again with the electric motor!

And I came beautifully… and deeply!


On this day.

It’s a very experimental masturbation (Polish).

It’s winter…

A dare…

Masturbating with ice!

First, a drink of ice water.

Gurgling sound (*ω`*)

And then…

First, put some ice on your boobs…

Ah! Ah! It’s cold!

But it feels good!

I got a nipple erection in seconds (#^^#).

This felt so much better than I expected.

I got my pussy wet.

So, take off your pants.

Ice on… pussy… clit…

I’m sorry.

I can’t believe I’m feeling this!

And then…

I’m not sure what to do.

I’m really feeling this too much, it’s too much!

Riru is… too… absorbed… in… this… thing.

While continuing to squirt.

More than ever before.

Flashy! Violently! In a frenzy!

I climaxed!!!!

I don’t know… ice masturbation… I think I’m addicted…


On this day.

Dildo masturbation on the way home from work (#^^#)

I’ve been working hard today!

And now I’m going to work on my masturbation!

First, a dildo blowjob (*ω`*) ugh.

And then…
…Insert the dildo!

You know, Riru, even when I was working…

I was just thinking about how I’m going to masturbate today.

I was so excited, I…

I’ve been masturbating to a huge flood today!!!!

So, you know…

I climaxed so deeply!

…When you’re done, the floor, the dildo, your hands…

…I’m soaked to the bone…


Finally, the last day!

I’ll masturbate with all kinds of toys!

And even though I came…

No breaks! Consecutive!

Continue masturbation (≧ω≦)

At first, it’s a chestnut-sucking toy (#^^#).

This… feels so good…

I’ll attack your tits (nipples) too!

Simultaneous attack on the clitoris and nipples! (≧ω≦)!

…this… feels really good…

I came in an instant (^^)

Keep going. No breaks.

Clitoral attack!


And then I was like.

またI came in an instant (^^)

Keep going. No breaks.

Inserting a vibrator into her pussy!

I inserted a vibrator with a bump on it.


……またまたI came in an instant (^^)

Keep going. No breaks.

Insert the dildo!

Dildos, they move by themselves.

Riru was completely absorbed in it.

It’s moving so fast… maybe too fast.

So… with a lot of intensity…


And then I climaxed beautifully.

…ha… ha… ha… ha…

I don’t know how many times I’ve come…

The sounds of mouth service and pee water are said to be popular among some maniacs as they “thrill the brain! It is said that the sound of mouth service and the sound of pee water are maniacally popular among some people (#^^#).

These realistic chewing sounds, peeing sounds, and pussy clenching sounds are again ASMR (feel good by listening to various sounds, such as chewing sounds).

By the way, ASMR is translated as “autonomous sensory climax response" in Japanese, and I would be happy if you climaxed to my ASMR.

I tried my best to research and master “masturbation", also known as “bokuchi-ekchi" in this work!

Mastering masturbation is not just about my masturbation. ……

This includes the masturbation of the listeners who listen.

I’m thrilled, excited, and embarrassed, but I did my best, so please give me your support!

And thank you for your continued support!

Total time: about 217 minutes (basic time: about 85 minutes)

Cast: Riruha Azuzawa

Circle:Bocchi Ecchi LAB



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