【Fuuka Kobo】Mean and Cool Maid’s Service-Eating [KU100].

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Title:Mean and Cool Maid’s Service-Eating [KU100].
Maker:Fuuka Kobo
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:tits, binaural/damihe, handjob, Creampie, Verbalabuse, Maleacceptance, Earlicking, whispering


意地悪でクールなメイドのご奉仕エッチ【KU100】 [Wind Flower Studio]

There was hot breathing and the sound of water squirting and squirting.

I’m going to give you the audio with a lot of realism.

It is recorded with a high quality dummy head microphone [Neumann KU100].
Earphones or headphones are recommended for viewing.

Character introduction

意地悪でクールなメイドのご奉仕エッチ【KU100】 [Wind Flower Studio]


This is a mansion in a certain place. In the mansion, there is a man who is the master of the house.
There are many maids who work for you.

They’re all very attractive, but
[I have to make sure I don’t make everyone uncomfortable by accidentally giving them a disgusting look or something].
I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one who’s had to deal with this.

However, lately, you have been so busy that you can’t release your sexual desire at night. Perhaps that’s why the maids…
I’ve been looking at them more and more sexually.

In the event you’re not sure what to do, you’ll be able to find out how to do it.
Apparently, she had made some sweets and decided to let us eat them.

She was getting closer to Yukina, and even though she knew she shouldn’t…

You know it’s wrong, but you can’t help but look at Yukina sexually.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that Yukina has also noticed that you’ve been lusting after her.

[Hey, Master. If you want, I can pull your cock out for you, how about it?]

It’s a good idea to have a maid that you’ve hired to pull your cock out.
Although she feels immoral, she can’t resist Yukina’s sweet proposal and her own sexual desires…

[See, with me, you don’t have to hold back.
I’ll make you feel good, Master…]

★Track introduction

意地悪でクールなメイドのご奉仕エッチ【KU100】 [Wind Flower Studio]

The finish is an approximate time. Please forgive me for any slight errors.

1 Prologue: Yukina’s Proposal(06:50)
I’ve been working on this for a few years now, and I’m really excited about it.
You have not been able to get rid of your libido lately, and you can’t help but look at Yukina sexually.

2 Whispering Hand Jobs in the Oval Office (13:42)
<プレイ内容>手コキ, 囁き, キス, カウントダウン

In the end, you couldn’t resist your sexual desire and decided to take advantage of Yukina’s favor.
In the meantime, there is still business to be done, so I ask him to pull it out lightly by hand…

3Nipple and ear torture (23:06)
<プレイ内容>囁き, 上半身くすぐり, 乳首責め, 耳舐め

This is the first time I’ve seen this video.
It’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep. And then Yukina comes along.

4 Soft thighs and boobs for pleasure (23:25)
Finish 1st[8:12], 2nd[18:52].
<プレイ内容>ぱふぱふ, 太ももコキ, パイズリ

This is the first time I’ve ever been to the beach.
And now I’m going to have you blame me with your soft thighs and tits…

5Fun sex with Yukina (23:48)
Finish 1st [14:24], 2nd [21:39].
<プレイ内容>キス, 対面座位, 騎乗位, 中出し

This is the first time I’ve been able to have sex with Yukina. I’m a bit nervous about sex though.
This is the first time I’ve been able to do it.

File format
WAV,MP3 file

The following differences are available.
-Normal version (with ejaculation sound)
-Normal version (without ejaculation sound)
-No sound effect version
-Reversed versions of tracks 2 and 3

For those who want to know when to finish with the sound of ejaculation, and for those who want to know when to stop.
For those who prefer no ejaculation sound.
You can enjoy it with peace of mind. Please use it according to your preference.


Voice actor: MOMOKA.

Editing: Mr. Yuya Kuratsuki

Illustration: Mr. Hajin

Title Logo: Mr. Shun Sakizuki

Production: Fuka Kobo

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意地悪でクールなメイドのご奉仕エッチ【KU100】 [Wind Flower Studio]

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