【kuro Game Studio】Map Time – An Adventure Story of Collecting Words

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Title:Map Time – An Adventure Story of Collecting Words
Maker:kuro Game Studio
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Impressive, Healing, dot, fantasy

About this game

Map Time is a single-player RPG in which you travel through various worlds while collecting magic words [words].
This game is based on the familiar JRPG system with a modern play style, aiming to be an RPG that you can enjoy.

RPG environment settings to suit your tastes.

The map and battle controls, which take up most of the playing time, can be fine-tuned.
Walking speed, screen effects, double speed battle options, various skip settings, random playback of 58 battle BGM patterns divided into 8 themes, etc.
Players can play the game in their preferred environment.

Different world view and scenery for each stage.

By entering the map, you will begin to explore a different world and encounter various experiences.
More than 15 stages, including a fantasy of swords and sorcery, a dystopia of runaway machines, an uninhabited shopping mall, and a cafe open to travelers.
Find words from signs, and words are born from conversations with friends.
A new scene and music awaits you, the player, at each stage.

There are many gimmicks and hidden items in the stages.
The map exploration gameplay of JRPGs of the past is still alive and well.
Essential elements for progress are displayed on the compass marker, so you’ll never get lost.


A house with no entrance or exit, cut off from the world [Home].
Craft, the hero, a gentleman with no memory of his past, and his partner, a boy named Scale.
The two of them enter a portal [map] to another world
They set out on a journey to collect magic words to make their wishes come true.

Wear and use the words you collect [word system].

地図の時間~言葉集めの冒険譚~ [kuro Game Studio]

The story progresses as you acquire [words] through conversations and exploration.

Types of words
These are words that have appeared in my work
They may appear in event choices.

If you choose the right action, you will receive benefits such as bonus experience or the release of dungeon shortcuts

地図の時間~言葉集めの冒険譚~ [kuro Game Studio]

Affects your strength and battle commands ([Attack] equivalent actions, magic and skills).

An enemy’s name, which can be equipped to use their abilities and skills.

地図の時間~言葉集めの冒険譚~ [kuro Game Studio]

Emotions are emitted by enemies in battle, and can be used as items with effects.
You can also cancel out the enemy’s emotions if you have opposing emotions.

You can give enemies names that you can equip, or you can get Coins (the currency of your work).

This can be used before a boss battle.
Can be used before a boss battle to give you a temporary boost in status and give you an advantage in the boss battle.

Various locations [map world].

地図の時間~言葉集めの冒険譚~ [kuro Game Studio]

Explore a mysterious map world such as a forest world covered with trees, a collapsed near-future world, a mysterious shopping mall, a mysterious bar where travelers stop by, and a graveyard where you can see visions of the past.

Rich game elements

地図の時間~言葉集めの冒険譚~ [kuro Game Studio]

-A variety of objects that react on the non-combat floor
-Skill tree to learn skills and improve parameters [mental compass].
-You can read explanations of the words, equipment, and items you’ve collected [Magic Movement Notebook].
-Conversation events that occur when you return from exploring
-Conversations with friends using the words you’ve collected
-The experience of the map world is reflected and expanded [the city of Rhinding].
-Donate collected names to exchange items and reveal enemy character settings [Library of Names].
-Something changes when you respond to a resident’s request? [Request Board].
-Talk about the world setting as a traveler’s story, one per day [Traveler’s Cafe].
-Search for hidden landscapes in the world of maps [Location].


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