【Ochi-chi-o】Adeyaka Nursing

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Title:Adeyaka Nursing
Release date:2021/04/22
Genre:Dressing, boobs, glasses, Bigsister, femaledoctor, nurse, stockings, Blackhair

A story about an elite nurse who happens to be in a relationship with an elite nurse.

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The main character is hospitalized after collapsing due to continuous overtime work.
One night, while talking to the nurse in charge, he hears a lewd sound coming from the bed next to him.

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-Shizuku Miyashita
An excellent mid-level nurse who takes care of the main character.
She is kind to her patients and has a good reputation in the hospital, but she has been struggling with something lately and is not feeling well.

His name is Osamu Saito. He used to work in the retail industry, but is now in the hospital after collapsing due to constant overtime work.

-Full color 45 pages
(22P for the main story / 1P for the character introduction / 22P for the book without characters)

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Production: Ochichio osisio


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