【CANDY VOICE】Iyaden! ~The Complete Set

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Title:Iyaden! ~The Complete Set
Release date:2021/01/22
Genre:Moe, healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, Earwax, Train, whispering

No Den! The Complete Season 1 Pack!

You’re going on a “wonderful trip" with a wonderful conductor on a luxury sleeper train that is completely reserved for you.
Enjoy the sights, sounds, and service from the conductor while listening to the pleasant joint sounds of the train, and relieve your daily fatigue.

ASMR of this work

We believe that the sound that hits a person is not only auditory, but also tactile.
In order for the audience to feel the sound comfortably, we recorded the sound hitting their ears not only with the KU100 (binaural microphone), but also with a vibration microphone at the same time to incorporate the sense of touch.
KU100 = auditory sense, vibration microphone = tactile sense.
In headphones, the larger the driver, the larger the vibration may be felt. It would be interesting to compare it with canal type earphones, so please enjoy it in various ways.


Part 1: Tsukinomine
[Earworm – Train Sound – Sea Sound] No Den! ~Healing sleeper train [AKATSUKI]~[CV: Satomi Sato](RJ298119)
The sleeper train [AKATSUKI] departs from Ueno, passes through Chiba and Ibaraki, and goes to the sea coast.
It continues north along the coastline and enters the Tohoku region.
[Please don’t think about anything difficult during the ride, and enjoy the journey.]

Part 2: Subaru
[earwax – fireplace – wood crackling] No den! ~Healing sleeper train [Aldebaran]~[CV: M-A-O](RJ298703)
The sleeper train [Aldebaran] travels through Hokkaido. It travels north from Hakodate into the Dohou region, and from there it changes course to the east, operating along the coastline. The train will then enter the Okhotsk region and then northern Hokkaido, arriving at Cape Soya, the northernmost point of Hokkaido.
[All the time on this journey is for you…].

Part 3: Mizuki
[Earwax – Train Sound – Oil] No Den! ~This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a train that is soothing and relaxing.
The sleeper train [Sunrise Express Suzumi] traverses the western tip of Honshu from Nagoya. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your area.
I’m a conductor, and it’s my pleasure to make you happy.

Vol. 4: Tsukushi
[Earworm, Tsundere, Dodgy Girl] No Den! ~Healing Sleeper Train “Cruise Train Royal Seven" ~ [CV: Rina Hidaka] (RJ299666)

The stage of the sleeper train [Cruise Train – Royal Seven] is the seven prefectures of Kyushu. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your area.
[Hmmm… that means that if you leave everything to me, you will have a superb experience.]

The use of audio, text, images, etc. without permission is strictly prohibited.

Conductor Introduction

  • いやでんっ!~コンプリートセット~ [CANDY VOICE]

    Tsukinomine [CV: Satomi Sato].
    My name is Tsukinomine, and I am the conductor of the [AKATSUKI].
    The conductor of the AKATSUKI sleeper train. She has long black hair, and her visual appearance is the picture of innocence. He has a gentle and mild personality, and is very devoted to the main character. If she is polite in her explanations, she is also polite in her service. She always has a soft smile on her face.

  • いやでんっ!~コンプリートセット~ [CANDY VOICE]

    Subaru [CV: M-A-O].
    [I’m waiting for you with many services to melt your heart and make you happy.]
    The conductor of the sleeper train [Aldebaran]. She has silver hair, is small, and has a slightly cool Russian look. She has a bit of a cold streak, but is serious about her work. She is also highly trusted by the main character, and will treat you well. She has a strong love for her hometown and is familiar with Hokkaido. However, he is not very fond of cold weather and is always attached to the main character.

  • いやでんっ!~コンプリートセット~ [CANDY VOICE]

    Mizuki [CV: Miyu Tomita].
    [My massage will probably feel better than you think].
    The conductor of the sleeper train [Sunrise Express Suzumi]. She is a fresh, cheerful, clear, and open-minded girl. She became a conductor out of a longing to “enjoy various places in Japan. She enjoys explaining the various sightseeing spots. She leads men around, and sometimes teases them.

  • いやでんっ!~コンプリートセット~ [CANDY VOICE]

    Tsukushi [CV: Rina Hidaka].
    [I’m glad I met you. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had so much fun on my own.]
    The conductor of the sleeper train [Cruise Train – Royal Seven]. He’s a bit of a winsome tsundere. He may look like a child, but he is an adult in age. He is often misunderstood by those around him, so he often says and does things in a mature manner. However, she is a bit of a dilettante at heart, so she often spins her wheels and makes mistakes. He claims to be able to drink, but he gets drunk easily. He thinks that he is the conductor and the main character is the customer, so he acts (or thinks he acts) like a big sister and treats you like one.

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Character design – background illustration: buta-vient
Scenario: Nakamichi Sagara
Production: CANDY VOICE


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