【Dreaming Bird Pups】Prism of Ophelia

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Title:Prism of Ophelia
Maker:Dreaming Bird Pups
Release date:2021/04/13
Genre:Inspiration, healing, series, Binaural/Damihe, Elf/Fairy, Alien/monstergirl, Fantasy, Magic

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I’m currently working on the introduction to the piece
Track 1 [The Unexpected Visitor] is now available to watch in full for free!

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PS: Due to the nature of the scenario, the demo version will only include tracks 1-6.


You’ve been transported to Alfheim, the land of the elves, due to an accident caused by a magical science experiment, and you’re seriously injured and on the verge of death. You’ll be able to find out what’s going on in the world.

Ofelia insists that we should stay in Alfheim for a while to recuperate.

Noel, the Chief, opposes Ofelia’s actions because of Alfheim’s closure, but Ofelia eventually convinces him to allow her to stay, on the condition that she either erases her memories while in Alfheim, or stays in Alfheim until she dies.

A closed country of elves, built in the forest.
You fall in love at first sight with a blind priest in it.
What fate awaits you beyond the ending that will eventually come?

Characters (main)

  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]

    Ophelia (Ophelia):

    A blind elven priestess.
    She was already blind at birth, and her biological parents are missing, so she is an orphan. She was adopted by Noel, the chieftain, and raised as an adopted child.
    Originally, elves were a race with tremendous sensing power, and Ofelia has lost her sight, but her sensing power is the best of all elves.

    She has a lovely appearance that cannot be hidden by the bandages on her eyes, and a gentle and soft tone of voice befitting a priestess. Because she is invisible, she is not deceived by appearances, but is wise enough to see through the essence of things, and is trusted by the elves as a representative of the righteous priestess herself. Ofelia is trusted by the elves, but she can be a bit stubborn when it comes to her own decisions.

    He has a bit of a complex when it comes to his eyes. She almost never takes off her blindfold.

    [Is that why I saved you?
    It’s easy, because I want to protect you.
    Alfheim, the Elven children, and you.] [

  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]


    A flesh and blood human, not named Hamlet.
    One of the few magical science researchers with an aptitude for magic in the human country of Vargard.
    An orphan, raised by the sisters of a convent.
    He seems to be an intelligent and quiet type of researcher, but in reality, he is quite curious and sometimes takes unexpected and bold actions.
    One day, due to an experiment, he was mistakenly transported to Alfheim. She was seriously injured and was rescued by Ofelia.
    I’m in love with her at first sight.

    [Ofelia, I’ll be your eyes.]

Character (sub)

  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]


    The current head of the Elven clan and Queen of Alfheim. She has the highest magical ability of any elf, and is an inventor. She is the developer and administrator of the magical wards of Alfheim.
    She has tremendous abilities, but she’s also a genius and a difficult person. Suspicious.
    He is the parent of Ofelia and the master who taught her magic. He has a very strict education, but is still kind to Ofelia and takes good care of her.
    He is a bachelor, but recently he wants to start a family of his own. Of course, he doesn’t admit it.

    [Leave it alone! I know my mistress has a bad personality.]

  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]

    Claire (Claire):

    The former chief of the elven clan. She retired after giving birth to a child.
    She lives in Rivendal, the largest settlement in Alfheim, with her husband and their second child, Flora.
    In fact, she is still one of the strongest forces in Alfheim. She is particularly good at stealth and wind magic.
    She is a long time friend of Noel’s, and they often drink together.

    [If I make you cry, well, for now, you’ll get a taste of what the last Alfheim Chieftain was capable of, in person.]

  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]

    Bretta (pronounced Bret-ta):

    A researcher at the Vargard Magic Institute. The protagonist’s assistant.
    She’s a serious person and doesn’t talk much, but she does have a tongue for the protagonist.
    The main character’s brakeman, who comes up with a lot of crazy ideas in his research.

    [Teacher, are you still sleepwalking? It’s Bretta…]


  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]


    A land of elves built in the forest, isolated by magical wards to prevent them from interacting with other races.
    Magical wards are not only for detection and protection, but also wrap around the forest like an oubliette, phasing within it to create a space that is different from reality.
    It is impossible to physically interfere with Alfheim without the permission of the administrators, and ordinary magic will not work. It can completely hide the elven race.

  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]


    A nation of humans. Science is reasonably advanced, though not as advanced as the Dwarves.
    The second industrial revolution was thirty years ago, but many inventions are still being made.
    However, most people don’t use magic, so they are overwhelmingly unskilled when it comes to magic.

  • Prism of Ophelia [夢先鳥仔]

    Ether (Ether):

    The energy that is consumed when using magic. It is also called the source of magic power.
    Ether is found everywhere in the world, but can only be used by a limited number of races (elves and pixies, for example).
    There are individuals of other races that can use magic, but it is extremely rare.
    Recently, the study of [magical science], which combines magic and science, has been the focus of research by non-magical races. The goal is to use the ether as freely and efficiently as natural energy.


01 An Unexpected Visitor 07:31
02 The Gentile 15:39
03 Rivendell’s Observations 18:51
04 The Remnants of Light Blotting Out 24:37
05 Akane-Cloud and Midori-Ame 28:29
06 Moonlight Blue Notes 15:42
07 What I let go of and 23:01
08 The One I Left Behind 33:27
09 The dawn that was given to me 22:47
10 Prism 04:27
Total play time: 3:14:29 + alpha

File Format:
-48kHz/24bit high-resolution WAV
・320Kbps MP3

-Theatrical accompaniment [Moonlight Waltz] WAV
-ASMR track (to be updated)

Production Staff (Titles omitted)

オフェリア: 月城めのう https://twitter.com/meno_tsukishiro
ノエル: 涼貴涼 https://twitter.com/bee_ryo
クレア: 音村もも https://twitter.com/Melodious_Momo
ブレッタ: 結崎有理 https://twitter.com/yurisugar
フローラ: 杠葉えりか https://twitter.com/yuzuriha_erika

Planning, scriptwriting, some effective sound, and
collection, cover design, and
劇伴「月影ワルツ」作曲: ともしびあかり https://twitter.com/_elmirador_

Script supervisor: Hajime Mori
キャラクターデザイン、イラスト: 矮柯Echo https://twitter.com/echosdoodle
ロゴデザイン: NimraVus https://twitter.com/Necrophiliacv

Production: Dreaming Bird Zai

Sound effects

C-LoveR 様 「ちょい足しSound effects集」

Mr. Taira Komori

On-Jin – Otojin

Polar Bear’s Wife

Mr. klankbeeld




Special Thanks to (honorifics omitted)

Circle [Moonlight Doggie].


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