【Moon World】(E)wat a Wonderful World

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Title:(E)wat a Wonderful World
Maker:Moon World
Release date:2021/01/04
Genre:Nakadashi, blowjob, anal, cunnilingus, squirting

[Sell your body instead of moving it to make money!]

The waste goddess who doesn’t want to work has started another physical labor.

It was a simple idea that led to the start of her whoring business.

In spite of the high prices in this town, they are very busy with the dupes that keep coming in.
A sex play that unfolds in an enchanting healing space (stable).
The slippery secret hole will make you squirt as soon as you insert it.

The end of oral sex, anal sex, and three-hole penetration.
The bad goddess felt a definite response.

24 pages, including extra illustration diffs.


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