【Kill Time Communication】Bessatsu Comic Unreal – Beautiful Girl Mimicking Deformed Body Digital Edition Vol1

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Title:Bessatsu Comic Unreal – Beautiful Girl Mimicking Deformed Body Digital Edition Vol1
Maker:Kill Time Communication
Release date:2021/01/05
Genre:Noreversal, ForeignGirl/MonsterGirl, Decadence/immorality/immorality, Sexploitation, Fantasy, Horror, HandJob, groping, Heterosexuality, Earlicking, Bigtits/bigtits

As a separate edition of Comic Unreal, which pursues the mysterious H
The incarnation of Cthulhu who acts as an internet idol and attacks her fans, the mucus sister who mimics and splits her brother and others.

A new anthology comic full of dark trance sex with deformed creatures that mimic beautiful girls!
The digital pinup JPG of the cover illustration is included as a bonus in the e-book version!

[The Lord of Lulu’s House] by Itoya
An incarnation of Cthulhu who attacks her fans while working as a virtual idol!
A young man named Toshi is fed up with his life and has nothing to look forward to but pushing virtual idols. He joins a high-priced special channel set up by his favorite idol, Lulu, but as soon as he meets her, Lulu jumps out of the screen into the real world and gives him a hand job and a blow job to make him cum. As they continue to have sex, Lulu reveals her wings from her back and reveals herself to be a variant of Cthulhu, and demands a contract in order to get Toshi’s soul. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie where the characters are so different from each other.

[Assimilator] by Nana Sumi
A mucus sister who milks her brother for assimilation & division!
The older sister Akina and the younger brother Fuyu are very close friends. One day, Fuyu hears heavy moaning coming from his sister’s room, and when he looks inside, he sees his friend Natsumi making Akina climax. Fuyu is upset and goes back to his room, but Akina appears in front of him, and she suddenly starts sucking his cock and giving him a nursing hand job, making his brother climax. She suddenly starts sucking his cock and sucking his breast. Akina can’t stand the sight of him, so she reveals that she is a slime, and splits into two forms, Akina and Natsumi, and further torments Fuyu with ear licking and blowjobs. In the end, the two become one, half assimilated form, and accept Fuyu’s shorty dick.

[Fearless Longing] by 41
A young boy is defied and devoured by a mantis-shaped monster that has taken on the form of his adored sister!

A young man, Eguchi, is excited to go on his first date with the girl of his dreams at his part-time job, and one day she asks him out on a date. He ejaculates on her big tits and penetrates her for the first time, but he is surprised to find that she is gradually transforming into a human being. She is in fact a monster who has transformed into a human and has lured Eguchi in search of a child. It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation.

Luscious Trap ~whispering sweet trap~" by Mitsuashi

The monster sisters prey on the captured adventurers in H!
When two adventurers visit a mysterious village, they are taken to an inn by two beautiful sisters and spend the night there, but they lose their friend. While they are trying to find their friend, the sisters appear and invite the young man to have sex with them, while the two forceful men handle their penises and lick the tentacles crawling out of their bodies. It’s a great way to get the most out of your time with your family and friends.

[cannibalism] by Metako
A young researcher in charge of investigating an unknown creature captured by a certain organization receives an urgent call from his junior assistant, Kasumi, and heads to the laboratory. Frightened in front of the torn case, Kasumi tells him that the creature has escaped, and perhaps out of fear, he embraces the young man and passionately takes his lips. The young man is confused by the sudden confession, but accepts the beautiful junior, and ejaculates as his penis is stimulated by her breasts and mouth. When the young man becomes one with Kasumi, who tears off his black stockings and leads him into her vagina, he sees a mysterious creature whose mimicry of others has been broken by the pleasure of being penetrated, and who has taken on a terrifying appearance.

Cover illustration by mappaninatta


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