【Sagami Okiba】Cross-dressing men and daddy’s girls

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Title:Cross-dressing men and daddy’s girls
Maker:Sagami Okiba
Release date:2021/01/05
Genre:“mansdaughter", “womensclothing", handjob, Creampie, Fellatio, ReverseRape, MalePenetration, virgin

Transvestite men and daddy’s girls

The boy [Ritsu] who was out late at night dressed as a woman.
She is discovered by “Saki", a girl who was also out late at night.

Ritsu was taken into a hotel after Saki took a liking to him.
I was already erect, imagining what was about to be done.

I lifted up Ritsu’s skirt to get to the cute girl’s pants.

Saki strokes the wrapped vagina and begins to give a hand job.

Ritsu squirms at the pleasure of being touched by someone for the first time.

And then it is carried to the girl’s mouth and explodes.

A transvestite man’s body trembles with the pleasure of ejaculation, and he has no time to rest.

Into the girl’s mouth

Girl x man’s daughter
Completely female dominated, no reversal.
Play (hand job, blow job, kissing, sex inside)
Two ejaculations.

21 pages + cover + back cover
jpg,pdf included


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