【Water Purification Facilities】Island Parasite

[Ranking]24 Hours:#18
Title:Island Parasite
Maker:Water Purification Facilities
Release date:2021/05/01
Genre:Lori, possession, vomiting, humiliation, depravity, brainwashing, virgin


This is an ADV in which a mucous creature parasitizes and takes over the bodies of shrine maiden girls who have mysterious powers.

Specify the activities on the island to progress the events.
Run the raid when you are ready.

Trends in R18 Situations
More parasitic/clothed incontinence descriptions
After parasitism, the scenes are softer and more costume specific.
A part of the mucous body is planted in the body of the miko and brainwashed.

This application is created using Tyrannoscript.

  • Island Parasite [浄水施設]

    Tenjou Masaki
    An honor student who is serious and caring.
    She tends to get pushed around a bit.

  • Island Parasite [浄水施設]

    Lilia Minase
    A fast-paced girl who has no clue what she’s doing.
    She is good at sports and is to the point.

  • Island Parasite [浄水施設]

    Kanade Kuso
    The mood maker for the four maidens.
    Her energetic appearance makes her stand out from the rest of the class.

  • Island Parasite [浄水施設]

    Asuka Sumiragi
    A transfer student. Originally from the island, but went to school on the mainland until last year.


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