【sasAIchi】[Standing Materials] Closet [Costume Summary 2020].

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Title:[Standing Materials] Closet [Costume Summary 2020].
Release date:2021/01/11
Genre:TRPG, Fantasy

This is a full-body, mixed-genre, stand-up drawing material.

This is a PNG data of the costume material distributed in Ci-en’s article in 2020, combined with the standing image material [Party] on sale.
It’s all integrated and ready to use.


<< 利用規約

Pay-per-use – free, age-restricted, and genre-neutral.
No usage report or credit required.
Please feel free to change the color, zoom in and out, and process.

Do not redistribute or resell the material as is.
The copyright has not been waived, and self-creation is also not allowed.

<< 衣装種類

Swordsman_Man [Bandage – Pumpkin].
Swordsman_Woman [military uniform – modern clothes – swimsuit – pumpkin – devil].
Monk_man [pumpkin-national_dress-Santa].
monk_woman[spirit-modern clothes-swimsuit-pumpkin-national costume].
Wizard_Woman[negligee-swimsuit-black cat-pumpkin-tribal costume].

<< 表情差分「18種」

Normal – joy – anger – sorrow – fun – surprise – question – embarrassment – serious
Shouting – (look away) – sleep – ah – u – e – o – no (expression)

Pumpkins come in [three types]: no expression, dark, and light.
Santa is [1 type].

<< データ内容

PNG_coloring only

The “clothes only" data, which is not integrated with the standing image, can be downloaded from Ci-en’s article [Closet_2020].


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