【DOROPUS!】Guide to S from a dominant young lady – asked to play a pervert in bondage

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Title:Guide to S from a dominant young lady – asked to play a pervert in bondage
Release date:2021/01/08
Genre:Whip/rope/candle, Nakadashi, SM, Bondage, Exposure, Anal, dilation, Fistfuck

Hard SM with a perverted young lady!

What kind of CG collection?

A new teacher responds to the perverted advances of a certain zaibatsu’s daughter with a whip of love!
A new teacher who responds to the perverted advances of a young lady of a financial conglomerate with a love whip!

A new teacher is assigned to a new school, and a new reference box is set up.
This was what I was assigned to do outside of class.
The sight-seeing box had strayed far from its original intent and role, and had become nothing more than a prank suggestion box.

One day, I saw a female student in front of the reference box.

After exchanging a few words of greeting and watching his back as he walked away, I unlocked the door of the reference box and checked the mailbox.

There was–
[–I don’t care what anyone who sees this thinks. I don’t care what you think, I’m going to write about my sexuality.
I have a habit of self-bondage. I love the feeling of the rope tightening around my bare skin.
It’s not that someone is doing this to me. I’m tied up myself.
Oh, I’m going to write something like this, post it, and have someone see it on ……. Just thinking about it makes my naughty juices leak out.

I’m a pervert. I’m a pervert.]
“It" has been going on since I met the schoolgirl from that time – Kotoe Nanamori.

And today, I found a pitch that was probably addressed to me.
[–Today, I’m going to use the same bathroom as yesterday, the men’s bathroom on the first floor.
I’m soaking wet right now, doctor. I’m soaking wet. I can’t stand it. Hey, Sensei…] [
やがて俺は、そのトイレに辿り着いた。There was–。

I’ve been waiting for you, doctor.

A young lady who agitates her lover with her uncontrollable desire for torment.
She’s so juiced up with the joy of being tortured that she’s cumming and squirming!

What to play

young lady – men’s room – bondage – nose hook – rope masturbation – virgin penetration
Bareback – verbal abuse – bukkake – hoola – ejaculation – oral ejaculation
Electric Vibrator – Squirting – Bondage Meal – Ass Play – Spanking – Spanking – Spanking
Ejaculation – Backstrap – Backstrap – Cumshot – Nipple Torture
hidden sex – rear sitting position – naked walk – mouth pants – water torture
bondage – blindfolded – live feed – leg belt – two-hole torture
Augmentation – Candlelight Torture – Triangle – Fistfuck – Whip
Urination, Creampie, Nipple Piercing, Neglected Play

Number of CGs: 140 main contents, 14 basic CGs

This work has the permission of the rights holder for the text and images of the original work.


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