【Ama Shiko Channel】The Himemiya-san of my dreams is my own hypnotic sex service maid

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Title:The Himemiya-san of my dreams is my own hypnotic sex service maid
Maker:Ama Shiko Channel
Release date:2021/03/19
Genre:Maid, Love/Love/Ama, cuckold, Fellatio, Hypnosis, Gagging/Eating, nipple/areola


憧れの姫宮さんは僕だけの催眠性処理ご奉仕メイド [甘師子チャンネル]

Himemiya-san is petite and cute. Himemiya-san is in the coolest group in her class, but she never makes a lot of noise. Himemiya-san has a beautiful profile as she reads a book quietly. Himemiya-san, who is trusted by the teachers. Himemiya-san, who is kind to people in the shadows.

I finally confess my feelings to Himemiya-san, whom I’ve been in love with for a long time. But she told me that she was already going out with her childhood friend “Ri-kun". While she was kind and caring, I was rejected outright.

However, I had taken a certain action before Ri-kun. I’ve been using hypnosis apps to turn Himemiya-san into a sex maid.

While I’ve been dating Ri-kun and nurturing my first crush, Himemiya-san has already fallen into my hands. I taught the devoted Himemiya-san a lot of my own sexual techniques for producing thick sperm.

In the hypnotic state, Himemiya-san is already mine. She does all the hard work of cooking, cleaning, and sex work. When I hugged her, she hugged me back tightly, and when I asked her to kiss me, she opened her drool-filled mouth. When I asked her to kiss me, she would open her mouth and drool all over me. Not only does she drink the semen from my rubber, she also happily drinks my pee to take care of my elimination.

But I just can’t get my real girlfriend. …… Himemiya-san doesn’t really love me. After I was rejected, there was an awkward atmosphere between the two of us. I just can’t give up on her, so I confess to her again, but she rejects me with a tearful face. In a frightened, squeezed out voice, she rejects me, saying, “I don’t want you to do this anymore.

Still, if I go home, I can meet my maid, Himemiya-san. I forcefully screwed my cock into her mouth, repeatedly pistoned her insistently to enjoy her dirty moans, and further teased her perception with layers of hypnosis. Today, we will be spending another intimate time together, laying our bodies perfectly together and exchanging all of our bodily fluids.

But the real Himemiya-san never looks at me.


憧れの姫宮さんは僕だけの催眠性処理ご奉仕メイド [甘師子チャンネル]

Koharu Himemiya (Himemiya Koharu)

JK, classmate of “me". A quiet girl whose hobby is reading. She has a younger brother. Many boys secretly admire her because she is petite, cute, and has a kind personality that does not discriminate against people who are in the dark.

She has just started dating her childhood friend Rikuto Suzuki (nicknamed “Ree-kun"), who belongs to the soccer club, after he confessed his feelings for her. However, due to embarrassment, they have only been holding hands. I", who liked her before her, also calls her up and confesses his feelings, but of course, he is rejected. After that, every time they meet in class, the atmosphere becomes awkward and they start to avoid each other.

However, she has actually been under the control of “I"'s hypnosis application for several months now, and her perceptions and memories have been rewritten. Three times a week after school, she goes to “my" house as a maid and does all the housework under the “setting" of learning to play the piano.

One of the most important jobs of a maid is sex work, and in order to make thick semen for her “master," she devotes herself to service play.


Includes an advance sample of the April release “Berochu – Nipple Torture Hand Job Paradises".

憧れの姫宮さんは僕だけの催眠性処理ご奉仕メイド [甘師子チャンネル]

The first sample of “Berochu – Nipple Torment Hand Job Paradise" is included.

It will be an omnibus with 10 characters, but the advance sample includes 5 of them. You’ll have to listen to it to find out who is included.

The first part of the total 5 tracks
Illustrations of 5 characters in total
Jacket illustration
Logo of the work

Preliminary page of “Bellocheu – Nipple blame hand job paradises

The novel version of the prequel is included (3 episodes)

憧れの姫宮さんは僕だけの催眠性処理ご奉仕メイド [甘師子チャンネル]

The prequel novel (3 episodes) that was serialized on pixiv prior to the release will be included as text data. It has over 20,000 characters.

That day when I first hypnotized Himemiya-san. The first time I hypnotized Himemiya-san, I devoured her lips, licked all over her body, and made her give up her virginity as a sexual treatment. Slowly and surely, I began to teach her sexual skills just to please her master. The more Himemiya-san serves as a maid, the more a certain feeling grows in the heart of “me".

The story of “Boku" and Koharu Himemiya, which is a prequel to the main story, has been turned into a novel by Ms. Backside Zan, who also wrote the script for the audio work and is active in Nocturne Novels. It expands the story of “Himemiya-san the Longing" from the point of view of the male character (me), which is considered difficult to express in audio works.

The story is based on the book “That day, with a convenient hypnosis application, Himemiya-san became my only sex maid.

Written by Urasen Zan, Original Story and Supervision by Ama Shiko

All three stories are now available on pixiv novels.

第1話を読む https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=14652366

You can enjoy both the prequel and the main audio story, even just one of them.

Track List

  • Confession to Himemiya-san (Everyday Life Part A)
  • How to play with a hand job (Hypnosis Part A)
  • Working with Himemiya-san (Everyday Life Part B)
  • Full Body Lip and Mouth Service Play (Hypnosis Part B)
  • Confessing to Himemiya-san for the second time (Everyday Life Part C)
  • Master’s special pussy loving service play (Hypnosis Part C)
  • (extra) MOMOKA’s free talk

Track Details

■トラック1 Confession to Himemiya-san (Everyday Life Part A)

I’ve been longing for my classmate, Koharu Himemiya. I call her up with a letter and confess my intentions to her!

This is the first time I’ve ever had a boyfriend.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to confess to me. I’m glad you did. …… I’m really, really sorry. ……

Track 2: Service Hand Job Play (Hypnosis Part A)

In fact, Himemiya-san is already under the control of the hypnosis application of “me". She does cleaning, laundry, cooking, elimination, and even sex work. She is a maid who comes to my house and does everything for me. Today, too, I ask you to serve me sweetly.

Deep kissing, nipple torture, drooling lotion, cuddling, whispering, hand job, drinking from the cock (taking care of excretion)

I will pour a lot of saliva into your mouth as I kiss you. I want it to flow down your throat, into your body, and onto your cock. You have to kiss while imagining it well.
“Are you sure you want to pee? You like to pee after you ejaculate, don’t you? It’s a nice pee that makes your body shiver and even washes away the sperm left in your urethra. ……

■トラック3 Working with Himemiya-san (Everyday Life Part B)

I’ve been asked by my teacher to work with Himemiya-san to sort through the printouts.

After school? Me? Well, I’ve been taking piano lessons three times a week for about two months now. I’ve been taking piano lessons for about two months now, and my schedule doesn’t always match up with Ree-kun’s. ……

“I’m sorry…I’ve had a little bit of a stomach ache since yesterday. …… I think I’ve taken something weird. ……

■トラック4 Full Body Lip and Mouth Service Play (Hypnosis Part B)

The very gentle maid, Himemiya-san, serves my whole body with her mouth. She not only licks my face and sides, but also my anus. The last part is to go down her throat with her devotion.

Deep kissing, face licking, side licking, nipple licking, anal licking, hand job, ball licking, blowjob, oral ejaculation, gokkun

I’m sure you’ll love it.
I know what I’m talking about. I know, I know. Master likes it when I lick his ass and he gets excited watching me do it.

■トラック5 Confessing to Himemiya-san for the second time (Everyday Life Part C)

I can’t give up after all, so I call Himemiya-san again and confess!

“Are you happy that you’re confessing? …I mean, ……. Thank you, but…. As I said before, I have a boyfriend, …… Ri-kun, so…. I can’t go out with you…. I’ve already said no, but this ……

I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that.

Track 6: Dedicated Pussy Lover Service Play (Hypnosis Part C)

First of all, as soon as I got home, I was forced to use Himemiya-san’s mouth. Today, I’m going to put on a layer of hypnosis. Every time you kiss your master, your romantic feelings will grow and you will love him so much. Thank you for serving my pussy.

Deep Throating, Deep Kissing, Hand Job, Nipple Licking, Normal Position Ecchi, Dirty Moaning with Continuous Piston, Cowgirl Position Ecchi, I Love You, Love You, Confession Service, Gokkun from Condom, Sleeping Together

It’s okay. I’ve only ever used my cunt for sexually processing my master. I think the shape is for your master’s use only. Please use it a lot.
“Master! Oh, no, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming! I’m sorry, I’m coming! Aaah, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh.
“Master, please tell me you like me, just for now, while I do my sex work. Please tell me you like me. Please.

(extra) MOMOKA’s free talk

What are your thoughts on playing Koharu Himemiya?

Hypnosis application settings

-Koharu Himemiya acts as a commuting maid three days a week to the home of her master, who lives alone.
-A maid’s job includes cleaning, laundry, cooking, defecation, and all household chores, as well as sex work for the master.
-Sex work is not the same as sex work. It is an important job of a maid for the master’s ejaculation.
-You will recognize your master not as a classmate, but as a different man whom you will meet only in this house.
-Self-perceive my work as a maid as piano lessons except during the relevant hours, and explain and act in the same way to my family and friends.
-During normal times, memories of being a maid cannot be retrieved.
-Additional setting (track 6 only) → Every time she kisses her master, her romantic feelings will grow and she will become more and more fond of him.

Product and bundled data details
-Audio data of the main story (with SE, without SE) WAV, MP3
-Image data (jacket, no jacket logo, standing picture, student card, etc.)
-Text data (prequel novel, recording script, credits, afterword)
-Previous samples of new work (audio, images)

Cast (CV) : Ms. MOMOKA.

Illustration : Purple Signal

Prequel Novel : Ura-Side Zan

Sound Effects (SE)
-MijinkoMizumiko [MijinkoMizumiko: The first masturbation sound].
-Tigerlily [Erotic sound effects for eroge production (60 kinds in total!)].
-Tigerlily [Sound Effects by tigerlily]
-By On-Jin
-Let’s play with free sound effects! Sound Effects
-Demon King Spirit

Planning, Scenario, Editing : Ama Shiko (Ama Shiko Channel)

This product is the fifth work of the R18 doujin voice circle [Ama Shiko Channel]. If there is anything wrong with it, please contact us through evaluation comments, circle Twitter account, Ci-en’s message function, etc. It would be very encouraging if you could post a review of the work.


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