【PEACH CAT】Maiden of the Crest -princess guardian

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#10
Title:Maiden of the Crest -princess guardian
Release date:2021/03/19
Genre:kimono, femalepointofview, Femaleprotagonist, dressup, Prostitution/Reception, Fantasy, Creampie, Forced/forcible

Girl’s Ecchi Adventure Sexual Harassment RPG

Current version: 101 (full version), 104 (demo version)
Please read [Other Notes] at the bottom.

Basic Information

Ecchi event: 70 scenes for heroine +α, 6 scenes for subheroine (princess) +α
For the main NPCs, the pattern is more like 4 stages + ED.
Basic Ecchi CG over 50 + various cuts
5 basic poses for heroine’s standing pictures + differences
8 kinds of costumes + Alpha

Situations include brothel, aid act, barrier, sleep rape, hypnosis, medicine, stage, mysterious cult, rape, etc.


紋章の乙女 ~princess guardian~ [PEACH CAT]

Seryina (name can be changed), who grew up as the younger sister of a princess, has just started her life as a soldier cadet.
However, the princess is kidnapped by a boy who calls himself the Demon King.

This is an RPG where you chase after the princess while defeating demons that sexually harass you.
The fate of the princesses will change depending on the player’s choices.

A battle with lots of sexual harassment.

紋章の乙女 ~princess guardian~ [PEACH CAT]

The heroine travels alone. The skills you can use change depending on the sigil you equip.

There are three types of sexual harassment from enemies. You will be sexually harassed differently when you are asleep or in bondage.
If you are defeated, you will be raped. (Virginity can be cleared, no game over)
About 100 demons in the game.

You can also enjoy naked battles and events after clearing the game.

A girl’s body is targeted in towns and facilities.

紋章の乙女 ~princess guardian~ [PEACH CAT]

A girl’s body is targeted by NPCs in towns (and other places).
Various events other than the main NPC with stage eroticism + ED.
NPCs can be shown or hidden, and come in various variations.

NPC histories (main 8+sub 9+alpha), records of erotic experiences, etc. are available at
You can check them from the menu at any time.

Reminiscence room, nude wandering, and second round transferable elements are also available.

Other notes

This game requires RPG Tucool VXAce RTP to play.
Please download it from the following.

The screen size is 800*640.
Please note that it is not possible to run in full screen mode.
The load may be larger.
The degree may vary depending on your PC environment.
Please confirm the operation with the trial version.
Please save your game frequently when you play.

The current version of the trial version is 104.

Main route [up to street 07].
Cut sexual harassment in the castle, castle town, etc. [some (in order of the scope of play)].
About 8 heroine CG events (including a sample of events after the demo version)
If you play the demo version to the end, you can play the sample of the princess scene as you like.

Revision history
Fixed a bug that occurs when a group of three enemies is reduced to one or more before being defeated, fixed typos in equipment descriptions, fixed traffic settings.


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