【Peach River Horse】Play with your skin 4

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Title:Play with your skin 4
Maker:Peach River Horse
Release date:2020/11/14
Genre:boobs, series, glasses, KneeSocks, femininebody, Sexchange(TS), Facialexpression, Humanbodymodification


Vol. 4
A man in a mask with a magic needle that turns people into skin.
He trespasses into a school where he witnesses the clerk being harassed by the head of the school discipline committee.
The masked man feels sorry for the unfortunate scribe and takes action.

-4 cartoon pages
-10 basic CG pages
-116 main story pages
-Illustration only version is also included
-232 total pages
-Image size 1600×1200
-PDF included

This work is a reflection of the requests, opinions, and advice we received from fans of leather goods on pixiv and other SNS.
If you comment on Twitter or pixiv, we will do our best to reflect your comments in the next work.
However, please understand that we cannot respond to all requests.


Leather / Change of state / Skinning / Feminization / Sex change / TS-TSF / Nakadashi / Facial expression / Maniac / Pervert / Big tits / Student / Chairperson / Glasses / Knee socks / Naked knees


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