【eat_ONIKU】I want to be sucked off by a monstrous girl!

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Title:I want to be sucked off by a monstrous girl!
Release date:2021/01/12
Genre:fetish, alotofjuice/liquid, Alien/monstergirl, Robot/Android, Zombie, Fellatio, Gokkun/Eaters, OralEjaculation

Summary of work
This is an omnibus-style work of sucking and playing with foreign girls, in which the mouths of various girls are squeezed.
After I put her in my mouth, I kept her in my mouth for the most part, stimulating her while she talked, and ejaculating all in my mouth.

[slime girl]18:07
A gentle goofy blowjob with lots of water sounds and mugging like chewing.
He even peed and urinated like he loved it.

[zombie girl]16:06
He sucked me into his mouth like he was trying to get me to let him out quickly.

I’m a sucker for a good cock and a good vacuum.

[canine girl]16:19
Forced cock sniffing, swearing and disgusting, but gradually.
A blowjob with a lot of tongue movements. She also bites and chews sweetly.

I’ll be back in a minute.

The machine also uses lewd words in her ears to encourage her arousal.

She gives a slow blowjob while being stopped by a small blowjob.

1 hour, 3 minutes, 37 seconds

Includes various diffs and a time-stamped script.
If you’re a fan of mouth play and blowjobs, you’ll love this one!

Credits (honorifics omitted)
-Temari Satoh @temari_sato -Koharu Ahabara @aiharakoharu
-Sai Igarashi@igarasi_ituki -Shizuku Amouha@108_429
-Tsuimiki@himitumiki / -Daifuku Yamaura@daih033


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