【072LABO/sugar salt】Which is it for you? [Ruined Orgasm 2 – Depraved Masturbation] – Audio of Stayfield and Ruined Orgasm

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Title:Which is it for you? [Ruined Orgasm 2 – Depraved Masturbation] – Audio of Stayfield and Ruined Orgasm
Maker:072LABO/sugar salt
Release date:2020/10/22
Genre:dirtywords, continuousclimax, Binaural/Damihe, FootJob, Masturbation, Forced/Forced, Earlicking

Legal masturbation or decriminalized masturbation

あなたはどっち?<Legal masturbation or decriminalized masturbation>「ルーインドオーガズム2・脱法オナニー編」~ステイフィールドとルーインドオーガズムを嗜む音声~ [072LABO]

How to enjoy two ways of ejaculation in one work
The pleasure of having lewd words poured into your ears.
How to masturbate in a healthy and legal way.

If you want to masturbate legally, use a technique called Ruined Orgasm to ejaculate continuously. A paper cup is useful.

Hello. My name is Saotome Onigiri.
This is a single work, a single story, but you can enjoy two ways of ejaculation in the form of a game, ejaculation patience or continuous ejaculation.

The fork in the road to if is the practice stage.
If you hold back your ejaculation in the practice stage, please hold back your ejaculation until the end and enjoy the game. If you ejaculate in the practice stage, you will have to ejaculate continuously until the end.

How to have fun

あなたはどっち?<Legal masturbation or decriminalized masturbation>「ルーインドオーガズム2・脱法オナニー編」~ステイフィールドとルーインドオーガズムを嗜む音声~ [072LABO]

If you want to masturbate legally, please use the [Stayfield] rest item to hold back your ejaculation.
Each track is basically designed for all men to [lose]. You can taste the [joy of losing], being made to ejaculate by women.

If you want to win but lose too much to see the view ahead, try deflowering masturbation, although we do not recommend it.

If you are going to do deflowering masturbation, please do a rooind orgasm and ejaculate continuously.
If you switch in the middle, you will be exposed to the fact that you have been doing de-fanged masturbation. In that case, you will be imprisoned for up to 10 years or fined up to 1,000,000 yen, so please be sure to enjoy it either way.

[Request from the Ministry of Ejaculation and Labor (^^)
Since escaping masturbation involves ejaculating all over the place against the content of the audio, which is required by law, you can enjoy a sense of immorality and excitement. However, the [Ruined Orgasm] that you perform in evasion masturbation can be charged with evasion of masturbation tax and may violate the Ejaculation Health Promotion Act. In addition, the throbbing and oozing pleasure is highly addictive, so please enjoy healthy [legal masturbation] when you masturbate.

When enjoying legal masturbation – Stayfield
-Please shimmy to the sound of shiko shiko
-You can use an item called Stayfield to take a break
-When someone says [Hentai] while you are taking a break, please resume shimmying.
-You can only use one Stayfield per stage.
-Ejaculation is game over.
-When the game is over, you can try from the beginning of the stage next time.

If you want to have fun by masturbating out of control -Ruined orgasm
-Please shimmy to the sound of shiko shiko
-Please be as patient as possible, and when you ejaculate, take your hand off your penis and let go of the paper cup.
-Take a break after ejaculation
-If someone says [hentai] to you while you are taking a break or ejaculating, please resume shimmying immediately.
-Consider your physical condition and retire at some point.
-Retiring midway will result in game over.
-When the game is over, you can try from the beginning of the stage next time.

Chinatsu / CV: Mr. Shio Sugar

あなたはどっち?<Legal masturbation or decriminalized masturbation>「ルーインドオーガズム2・脱法オナニー編」~ステイフィールドとルーインドオーガズムを嗜む音声~ [072LABO]

-White pants
-Black knee-highs
-Barefoot footjob
-hand job from behind
-Big tits

[roofied orgasm]
Ruined Orgasm(rind rgzm)
Meaning: ruined ejaculation
Smearing the penis, making the penis hold back ejaculation, and when the limit is reached, removing the hand at the moment of ejaculation, ruining the feeling of ejaculation. Goes well with masochistic play.
Essentially, the goal is to ruin the man’s feeling of pleasure [Suck it up], but since the climax is suppressed, there is no sage time and the erection can be sustained. This makes it possible to ejaculate continuously. You can ejaculate as long as your semen and stamina last.

Example sentence – A ruined orgasm that you can use today.
Example 1 [I’ll ruin your brother’s ejaculation with a rooind orgasm].
Example 2 [Here, let your rooind orgasm drip lazily?] [
Example 3 [Please. Please let me ejaculate with a good rooind orgasm…] [

For more information about Ruined Orgasm, please see the description of Ruined Orgasm 1.

あなたはどっち?<Legal masturbation or decriminalized masturbation>「ルーインドオーガズム2・脱法オナニー編」~ステイフィールドとルーインドオーガズムを嗜む音声~ [072LABO]


01 Notes

02 Ejaculation Health Promotion Act
Here you can learn about the Ejaculation Health Promotion Act, and about legal and illegal masturbation. You will be told that [if you do not complete all of the stages by the end of the month, your masturbation tax for the next month will be increased depending on your stage progress]. Also, it seems that those who would do escapist masturbation have already prepared a paper cup here.

03 Practice masturbation before masturbation
[You’re not going to ejaculate when you’re practicing, are you?] Practice masturbation in order to masturbate legally and correctly. You will not ejaculate during the practice, so please enjoy the pleasure while practicing. It seems that bad people who do escapist masturbation have prepared a paper cup before this stage.
This stage is the turning point.

04 Happy lewd whispering masturbation
You know, I’m going to say “pussy" a lot now, but if I say “pussy" five times in a row, it’ll speed up, so be careful, okay? But if I only say it four times in a row, it will slow down. Which makes you happier, giggling?] You will be masturbating while being called lewd words. Try to hold back your ejaculation.

05 Lewd ear licking hand job
I’m going to give you a hand job from behind while I lick your ears and push your breasts against your back. I’ll give you a hand job from behind while Chika presses her breasts against your back, and twists her tongue and her hot breath into your ears. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

06 Abusive Foot and Hand Jobs
I’m going to make you ejaculate here, okay? In this video, you’ll get a chance to see what it’s like to be a woman. It’s time to show off your healthy masturbation skills by holding back your ejaculation until the very end, no matter how much you are abused, stepped on, or shanked.

07 Complete Domination Endurance Cowgirl Position
[See? It’s Chika’s clean pussy.] Chika-san will let you ejaculate only once in cowgirl position while she uses her fresh pussy with panties and has not ejaculated [even once] yet. Please do a healthy ejaculation at the right time. You’ve come this far, you’re not masturbating out of control, are you?

08 Game Over – Harassment ear licking and lewd talk during sage time
What? Harassment during sage time? What? No, but it’s… it’s soothing.

09 Practicing with a voice that says “shiko shiko" (extra PR voice)
This is a part recorded as a PR voice to practice how to move your hands. You can actually enjoy it a little.

[Full Version Set Contents]
Format: mp3 (320kbps) / high-res wav included
Total time: about 2 hours and 15 minutes (including 14 minutes and 38 seconds of extra time)
Contents: mp3 file, wav file, 5 images for artwork, 1 cover picture (without logo), description text file

Production Credits
イラスト:とりまる https://twitter.com/risveglio
CV:砂糖しお https://twitter.com/sato_sioo
脚本:早乙女おにぎり https://twitter.com/072labo
Sound Editor: 072LABO
Planning: 072LABO
honorifics omitted

[circle info]
072LABO (Zerona Nina Labo)

072LABO:Onasapo sound work circle
072LABO Collaboration: Collaboration with distribution companies
072LABO Music: Onasapo music label

[please read notes].
All audio works and accompanying materials are fictions and jokes that are works of art about the fantasy of using audio for sexual play. If you perform it, you may overload your body with [pleasure from hell], which is different from the masturbation that you have been freely ejaculating. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the words of the characters in this work.

All laws, people, and organizations in this audio work are fictional.


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