【Dreams-Circle】Animation Selection [Ming].

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Title:Animation Selection [Ming].
Release date:2020/10/03


2 animations for chanting skills
6 animations for skills
2 animations for full range skills x 2
(All of the above are available in two patterns for both 60FPS and 30FPS)

Sample project for RPG Tsukuru MV (can be copy-pasted directly from the database)

In order to use this product with RPG Tutool MV, you will need a plug-in to change the frame rate (FPS). (It is bundled with the sample project)


Material files are PNG images of sprite sheets

Each frame size is 192×192 pixels (RPG Tutool, SRPGStudio standard), and each sprite sheet is 5x horizontal and 2-20 vertical (maximum 100 frames).

Terms of Use

This material is intended for use in game development, but can also be used for other purposes.

This material may be used freely for any purpose, regardless of whether it is commercial, non-commercial, age-restricted, or expressive.

You may freely modify (change colors, resize, etc.) this material for your own use.

You may continue to use the material in accordance with these terms and conditions even after the sale of the material has ended.

It is prohibited to sell, publish, or distribute this material without permission. You may not sell, publish, or distribute this material without permission, and you may not sell, publish, or distribute modified material as material.

All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of this product belong to Dreams Circle and third parties authorized by Dreams Circle.

When selling, publishing, or distributing works that use this material, please clearly state that you have used this material.

In the event of any damage or dispute arising from the sale, publication or distribution of any work or data using this material, the author of the work or data in question shall be held responsible.


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