【Gekkaika】I want to be molested by an animal sister

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Title:I want to be molested by an animal sister
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:sister, foreigngirl/monstergirl, animal/beast, Heterosexuality

Meskemo x M-man

In this video, Fanella, a beastman who loves humans and M-men, can’t help but have an uncontrollable sex drive.
You’ll be able to find a guy on the street who seems to be a good fit, and you’ll be able to trick him into a reverse rape.

She licked the M-man’s dick and face with her long tongue.

It’s a female-dominated manga until the end.

pdf format 33 pages(24p, 6p on the cover, 3p as a bonus)
The bonus pages are the back story of the characters, and the color version of the tongue-shooting scene (mawshot) in the main story and its difference.


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