【Polar Bear Wife】Spoiled or guinea pig hospital life! [English-Chinese].

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Title:Spoiled or guinea pig hospital life! [English-Chinese].
Maker:Polar Bear Wife
Release date:2020/10/04
Genre:Healing, femaledoctor, nurse, Earwig, handjob, earlicking


This work is a duplicate of [pampered or guinea pig hospital life! (RJ157634)] and there is some overlap in content.
This is a video version with Japanese audio and English and Chinese subtitles.

Pampered or guinea pig in the hospital!

You’ve been hospitalized due to overwork.
The first thing you do can make or break the rest of your hospital stay.

(1) Pampered hospital life mode! (66:40)
The nurse in charge pampered me to the bone.

This is for people who just want to be pampered and healed by a woman.

Pampered life in the hospital☆☆===================
01 Time for temperature check 01:51
02 You need to take a break too (ear scratching) 13:28
03 Secrets during naptime 03:52
04 After a nap (ear licking & hand job) 17:20
05 Blindfolded Prey (Ecchi) 14:47
06 After the nap(New equipment production version/another shot) 15:21

(2)Guinea pig hospital life mode! (38:32)
The route of being toyed with as punishment for stealing the underwear of the nurse in charge.
I’ve had my pussy hair made slippery, and by two female nurses.
Wiping clean, etc—.

☆☆Guinea pig hospitalization life☆☆===================
01 Time for temperature check (guinea pig ver) 01:55
02 Smooth and cute♪(Shaved hair prey) 05:39
03 Let’s make it clean and pretty. (Wipe – Wash) 09:43
(Guest CV: Momoka Yuzuki)
04 Cute guinea pig (restraint – glans torture) 20:27
05 Guinea pig life 00:47

(3)Relaxing Inu Laifu! (for adult dogs – included work)
Let’s heal your master as a cute sister’s pet Pochi.

Inu-Raifu! =======
01 I’m home 05:45
02 Shawa 10:53
03 Namainu 08:41
04 Good night 05:59

◇Other recorded works
(1)Woman doctor ver. remake of polar bear’s wife’s maiden work!
(Recording time 18:27/not including various differences)
(Recording time 40:12/not including various differences)
(3) Extra: Production secrets, new equipment unveiling audio, etc.
(Recording time 22:23)
(4)Sound effects (Earwax/Bonzen)
Not for commercial use. Can be used for personal use only.

Total recording time: about 3.5 hours (not including extras such as differences and sound effects)

Illustration: Mr. Hobby
Guest CV: Ms. Momoka Yuzuki
Planning/script/editing/sound effects/direction/CV
Ayaka Igasaki (Polar Bear’s Wife)


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