【Shigunyan】etc compilation 02

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Title:etc compilation 02
Release date:2020/10/04
Genre:lolita, magicalgirl, lovey-dovey/slutty, Nakadashi, Twin-tailed, Feathers, Bigtits/bigtits, SlipperyPeta

etc compilation 02

This is a compilation of doujinshi in various genres with newly written content. The cover page included in the text is in full color for the DL.

Included genres
-Senki Zesshou Symphogear / Yuki Chris
-Xeno lade / Melia
-Magical Girl Maaka Magica / Homura
-Xero*lade / Ruiz
-God Only Knows What / Elsie
-I have few friends / Hoshina Kashiwa
-Anime Tower of Druuga / Koopa
-Tengen Toppa Gremlagan / Yoko


Chris Snow
I feel like there’s something missing in my song. The advice I received was [to know men and pleasure].
When the man you love, Genjuro, kisses you gently and inserts himself into your cunt, which gets wet to the point of pulling strings just by playing with your nipples.
They call each other by name and climax together.

A love potion that works too well! She is surprised by the effect, but her body reacts to the passionate pressure of the man she loves.

They caress each other and by the time their cocks are loosened up, their reasoning is completely gone and they beg for cock.

She climaxes after being violently penetrated by a large amount of cum in her womb.

In addition to the legendary rare equipment, the [Maid Series] and [Nopon’s Brave Series] are used for service and serious breeding sex!

Other rare equipment, [Maid Series] and [Nopon’s Brave Series].
Hoshina’s first experience, Kamina and Yoko having sex secretly in the futon, etc.

Included works
01:[Make a Contract with Me and Become a Cat Ear Girl!] Homura *full color manga
02: [New Wife Ruiz and the Crowded Train] Ruiz *full color manga
03: [God Only Knows What Boobs] Elsie *Full Color Manga
04:「CHIMPOGEAR」Chris Snow
06:「Xeno Love」Melia
07:「Xeno Mofu」Melia
09: Illustration Hoshina
10: [Kupa Kupa] Koopa
11:[Shigu kore 3]Koopa
13: [Here we go, 130x return!] Yoko
14:[Chushite Kiss My Heart] Yoko
15: Written by Chris Yukine

Color pages : 52 pages
Black and white text : 108 pages
Total : 160 pages

2015年8月発行「しぐにゃん etc compilation 02」電子版


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