【La(o)st color/Aki Sora】With a fleeting eternity…

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Title:With a fleeting eternity…
Maker:La(o)st color/Aki Sora
Release date:2020/09/20
Genre:LoveLoveLove/Amaama, Lovereachother, fantasy, Creampie, Lesbian/WomanonWoman, Shame/humiliation, NormalPlay, Longhair

For those who seek a single-minded girl who likes them.

The main heroine of this story, Tia, has a dark past and has ceased to be a person.
She calls you [Master] and adores you, the listener who happened to save her in a dream.
The only person Tia can rely on is you, the listener.

This is the first time I’ve seen this song.
You are in a dream.
You have arrived at a hidden place in the depths of the spiritual world that no ordinary person will ever reach.
There was a woman who was made into a mental mineral statue and sealed away.

Note 1) Contains state change situations.
Note 2) There is a real food scene in EP2.
3) Only the extra ear licking is recorded with a binaural microphone, the others are recorded with a condenser microphone.
4) The main sex scenes are only on tracks 1 and 6. (With ejaculation sound is in a separate folder)

[1 full length]
EP1_Encounter (11:03)(with sex scenes)
EP2_Awakening (13:04)
EP3_A Nightmare of the Past (2:34)
EP4_Sleeping Together (2:03)
EP5_One year later (2:02)
EP6_Together with the fleeting eternity (12:44)(with H scene)

Tiarise as: Akisora-sama
Illustration by hanusu
Editing: tatupiyo

[2 past editions]
EP1_a_Artificial Demon Lefse (9:37)
EP1_b_Gruppenfhrer Anis (3:53)
EP2_The Fallen Alchemy Treasure Dina (12:07)NEW
EP3_a_Organization Chief Eurydice (3:21)NEW
This is the first time I’ve done this.

The role of Lefse: Yuuka Mizuki
Ennis as Yuhu Kawase
-This is a story that was released by Ci-en and is the past of the main story.

In the folder “3 Vermillion Fires, Blue Fresh Water, Fallen Forest".
[3 Vermillion Fires, Blue Water, Fallen Forest] (24:09)
-This is a loose sister evil fallen yuri mini-drama audio. This is an independent story that has nothing to do with the main story, and is a re-recording of a free audio released by Ci-en.

Alyce is played by Akisora.
Lucia as Amiru Goto
Ms. Yuhu Kawase as Ziel
Illustration: Yuu Hazuki
Editing: tatupiyo

My First Ear Lick (Binaural) (6:38)
System audio (7 types)

[5 Yakisoba-chan Collaboration]NEW
This is a collaboration voice with the doujin voice circle Yakisoba-kai.

Yaki Soba-chan Collaboration (17:32) with H scene
Yaki Soba’s Story (6:36)—The story of Yaki Soba-chan in the world of our circle.

The illustration of Yakisoba-chan was drawn by Hanusu, the jacket illustrator, for this project.
Please do not reprint without permission.

SE-BGM used

Sound Effects Dictionary

On-Jin – Otojin


Mr. Dieblest – Various Sound Effects Collection 100

Mr. Bimyu

Algernon Music

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