【A whimsical monster cat】CAN YOU CELEBPET? – Too much licking in the world, let’s make a boy a bride with a lidless dick and money

[Ranking]24 Hours:#9, 7 Days:#36, 30 Days:#87
Title:CAN YOU CELEBPET? – Too much licking in the world, let’s make a boy a bride with a lidless dick and money
Maker:A whimsical monster cat
Release date:2020/09/01
Genre:Noreversals, dressedasawoman, Torture, Shame/embarrassment, ReverseRape, Maleacceptance, anal, Futa-nari

[The end of ejaculation is the end of a man’s life, don’t lick his life, lick his dick]

◇ ◇ ◇ Synopsis.

It is the first time that two people are recognized by the public.

Human rights are strongly protected by law.
It’s a gentle world where there is basically no discrimination or prejudice against women.

The result
Congenital brain, motor, and reproductive …… all specs.

In the midst of a group of lidnari who are said to have congenitally higher brain, motor, and reproductive specs than those who are not
They believe that they are a superior race.
A woman without a penis and a man without a cunt are equally defective.
There are those who believe that they are a superior race and that women without dicks and men without cunts are equally defective.

In such a world
A boy who was making a little bit of money from women as a mommy activity.

I’ve met the president of a high-spec motorcycle club.

I was bought and raped.

I was originally only a below average performer as a man.
There was no way for the boy to resist the lid.
Even after that, with a strong position as a lid and an abundance of money as a weapon
The president continues to take away the dignity of boys and tries to make them into girls.
He controls their ejaculation, develops their anus, and forces them to become aware of themselves through cross-dressing.
At first the boys resist, but gradually
The boy who resisted at first gradually begins to feel uncomfortable about being a man.

This is a story about that.

All 63 sex scenes
+73 pages without text (non-H scenes, including eye catching images)
+plus a few extras (extra illustrations, replacement diffs, etc.)

There are some mild scatological descriptions, so please be careful if you don’t like them.

Character introduction

  • CAN YOU CELEBPET? ~世の中舐め過ぎ男の子はTwo peopleちんぽとお金でお嫁さんにしちゃお~ [気まぐれな化け猫]

    Aoi Ichihime
    High School Student

    Mama’s boy
    Too much life licking
    small fish dick
    I’m a talented female

  • CAN YOU CELEBPET? ~世の中舐め過ぎ男の子はTwo peopleちんぽとお金でお嫁さんにしちゃお~ [気まぐれな化け猫]

    President of Kandiutsch
    25, real name unknown

    Two people
    Tall – Educated – High income


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