【Re-Mu/ Yamashiro Moe】[whispers/breaths/shoulder rubs/footsteps/environmental sounds] – Summer ASMR with healing ghosts – Yugen Yuuyu

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Title:[whispers/breaths/shoulder rubs/footsteps/environmental sounds] – Summer ASMR with healing ghosts – Yugen Yuuyu
Maker:Re-Mu/ Yamashiro Moe
Release date:2020/08/22
Genre:Sound, healing, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, HypnoticAudio, Sister, whispering


Tired of the city, you return to your parents’ house in the countryside.
You have a fever from the exhaustion of everyday life, and while you are lying in bed, a mysterious presence comes close to you.
You are nursed back to health by a woman you’ve never met, but who gives you a strange feeling of nostalgia.

An end-of-summer ASMR spent with a healing ghost.

Main Voice

【囁き/息/肩揉み/足音/環境音】~癒しの幽霊と夏のASMR~幽玄優遊 [Re-Mu]

CV:Moe Yamashiro

I don’t know who she is, but she’s a beautiful woman who is there for me and cares for me.
She is innocent, cheerful, and somewhat fragile. She suddenly shows a sad expression.

[May we meet again next year.]

Outline of the work

“This work focuses strongly on the theme of “healing.
Beginning with whispers, the sounds of cicadas, birds chirping, river water, rain, and many other natural sounds soothe the ears.

This film contains binaural environmental sounds recorded in a natural location deep in the mountains of Hiroshima. The sound quality and reality of this film is very high.

Please relax your shoulders and enjoy the music.


-Whispering voice that tickles your ears
-Rain sound
-the sound of cicadas
-The rustle of grass
-various sounds reminiscent of summer
-the sound of footsteps
-the sound of a car

In addition to the main voice drama, ASMR of environmental sounds only, theme songs, etc.
In addition to the main voice drama, this is an audio work filled with various healing elements.

When you want to take a breather, when you want to be surrounded by the sounds of summer, when you want to forget your stress, when you want to go to bed, etc.
Please enjoy it in various scenes.

Tracklist / Total 1hr 30min 27sec

  • 『いっぱいかまってくださいね』~昼下がり-Breathと肩揉み~
  • [I like the sound of water] – Evening – Whispering and the sound of rain
  • [You’re not going to make it] – Evening – Laughter and the sound of summer
  • [Kiss me] – Day – whispers, cicadas and the sound of cars
  • [Water Summer Transparency] – Theme Song
  • ASMR [The Edge and the Sound of Water].
  • ASMR [alcove and summer rain].
  • ASMR[Summer Night and the Sound of Insects].
  • ASMR[Water and Cicadas on a Mountain Road].

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CV:Moe Yamashiro

Scenario: Yuno Ohkawa
Illustration by ajimita

Theme song [Mizunatsu Toru].
Composer:Aoto Kei
Lyrics:Moe Yamashiro
mix:Itsuki Minato



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