【Hockol】A stranger held me next to him as he slept.

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Title:A stranger held me next to him as he slept.
Release date:2020/07/22
Genre:Slut/Playboy, healthyreceiving, Cuckold, Nakadashi, Normalplay, Ponytail


The story follows Yoshimi as she heads to a love hotel after being called out by Kusano, with whom she has been in a relationship for a number of years.
There he was, sleeping, and a man he didn’t know was waiting for him.

The man tells Yoshimi that he told her that she can hold him.
Yoshimi tries to wake up Kusano, but he doesn’t seem to wake up.

The man pushes Yoshimi down on the bed without knowing the truth.

Contains sexual activity that is not consensual
However, it does not contain any violent elements.

23 basic CG + α
6 caresses, more than 10 drawings including insertion and ejaculation, 2 non-erotic drawings, and several others.

110+ pages of story including dialogue, onomatopoeia, body and clothes differences

Standard jpeg, width 1600, height 1200


寝ている彼の隣で……知らない人に抱かれて [ホッコル]

Yoshimi Aizawa

A girl with good style who is not easily pushed around.

She is the one who approached Yoshimi, and they have been together for many times.
He called me to a love hotel in Laughlin, and I went there.

There was


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