【Studio Bze】Treasure hunt with Lori on a deserted island GOKKO!

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Title:Treasure hunt with Lori on a deserted island GOKKO!
Maker:Studio Bze
Release date:2021/04/09
Genre:Loli, pants, mini-skirt, Creampie, Ejaculationinthemouth, Shortcuts, Blondehair, Tsurupeta

This game is

Created with Tucool MV, no battles.

The game progresses by finding events in the map.
Simple content.

-The main storyline Play time is about 1 hour

-After clearing the main story, you will move to the part where you can collect CG differences.

-24 basic CGs with differences

Current version
ver 1.0.3

This work is made with RPG Tucool MV.
動作環境: http://tkool.jp/mv/spec/index.html でご確認下さい。

Please check the trial version before purchasing.

Any problems will be fixed by replacing the download file.
Please make sure to register before purchasing.


無人島でロリとトレジャーハントGOKKO!? [Studio Bze]

Name Kirara

For some reason, she’s friends with the main character, who is older than her.

Likes heights

I hate the dark and bugs.

All pants have an inside.

無人島でロリとトレジャーハントGOKKO!? [Studio Bze]

After the story is over
You will enter the difference collection mode

There is no SAMPLE text in the game

The two of them took an unexpected turn

無人島でロリとトレジャーハントGOKKO!? [Studio Bze]

Playing treasure hunt this time

Will Kira make it home safely?

The Story

Kira wants to go on a treasure hunt on a deserted island.
We know it’s a safe island, but…

I know it’s a safe island, but I can’t put the older Kirara in danger.
The main character prepares a lot of things just in case.

On the other hand
The main character, Kirara, shows up in a mini-skirt…


Studio Bze

I sometimes mumble (Twitter)


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