【AxHxASMR/anli】Older Girlfriend Treats Me Like a Dog? [Chinese work].

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Title:Older Girlfriend Treats Me Like a Dog? [Chinese work].
Release date:2019/12/25
Genre:Healing, ASMR, older, OL, earbuds

Melody is your girlfriend who is a little older than you. One day, when she came home from work and saw you sitting on the sofa, she suddenly became a little angry and ordered you to lie down. What will they do to you now?


-Sun Mei (29 years old)
Your girlfriend who you have been dating for three years. She has a kind personality, but also has a mean streak.


Track List

-The main story
01My older girlfriend treats me like a dog? (18:02)

EX01 Morning being woken up by older girlfriend (01:36)

-Bonus track
SP01 (New Equipment) Ear Fu for the Greedy (08:11)

Total time: 27 minutes, 49 seconds

◆ Stuff

Illustration:Kazumi Miyata
Cover design:Hazuki/Asato
Sound effects by Asato
Editing: Yasato


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