【Singing Bell / Hanami Takanashi】She was too dirty.

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Title:She was too dirty.
Maker:Singing Bell / Hanami Takanashi
Release date:2019/12/25
Genre:fetish, lewdwords, lovey-dovey/slutty, Decadent, immoral, immoral, Masturbation, debauchery


She met him on a social networking site, and his name is [wanko].
He must be very stressed out, because late at night he tweets a lot of jokes.

There was not the slightest hint of modesty in her appearance. However, he felt a strange attraction to her sluttish attitude.

Tuning in, getting on the bad side. As part of this, I participated in the underhanded joke festival, which made the doggie very happy. I also felt a sense of unity.

As I talked to her, I realized that she must have a taste and pleasure in tweeting vulgarities.
When I realized this, I thought it was just a fun thing to do for some people.
If you check her tweets without fail, you will even see information about her personal life that may have been spilled.

The more I look at it, the more I’m hoping for something. Excitement. What if, what if?

One day, a tweet with a picture appeared.

A hunch turns into a certainty.
This guy is my classmate, Himegami-san.

I’ve got a weakness for doggies.
I don’t have the courage or taste to threaten her, but I’ve developed the desire to poke fun at her as she frankly rages on the internet.


It’s a story about a big-boobed bastard girl, “Oneko", who is the ultimate in “shady".

This is the first time I’ve seen a movie where the characters are so different.
The more you get involved with her, the more you’ll find out about her vile nature.
This is an R-18 movie, but there is no real sex.

Lewd words, lewd words, lewd words, immoral words, immoral words, immoral words.

Enjoy this unusual story about a sad girl who can’t reveal her true nature to anyone.


1 Prologue – I have a problem. 14:58

How you and she met.
It was supposed to be just a casual internet friend.

2(call)I want your seed14:13

I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
A dog who doesn’t know the distance will keep making empty statements.

But when you started the fire, she finally blew it and went to …….

There’s something about you.

I’ve never had a strange impression of you that I’ve had of anyone else.
Was it because you knew me in real life, or was it because
Was it because my …… tastes and proclivities matched …… surprisingly well?

I think we might have great physical chemistry…
He’s grinning. Hey, are you in a naughty mood?
I’m also in a very naughty mood…] [

3.(Calling Etsy) Look, look, look at me, mite, the real me. ……13:36

The dog is no longer trying to hide his true nature.

She will talk incessantly, trying to make you lust for her.

“……? Oh, my God, …….

I’ve never seen an erection in real life before.
I’ve never seen a real erection before. I don’t know.
I’ve never seen a real erection before.
I’m so relieved that you’ve agreed to show me your erection.] [

4(Calling Ecchi) LCD – Transcendence – Mating!11:47

The excitement leads to the insanity of peeing through the screen.

This is the first time I’ve been able to get a good look at the world of the Internet.

He doesn’t hold back his vulgar voice, and he’s a bad boy who gets his chair soaked.

This is the first time I’ve ever felt this good.

This is the first time. It’s not the same as regular masturbation.
Ohhhh… Yes, yes, that’s right…

I’m sticking my finger in there like it’s your erect dick.

5 too dirty 11:23

This is a post-apocalyptic story.

Total 01:05:58

:production (honorifics):


Wanko (CV Takanashi Hanami)


Metto Sasame

Sound Effects :

Let’s play with free sound effects!
On-Jin – Otojin
Minjiko Materials
Free sound effects by Kurage Artisan
Minitan / Pocket Epoch

Editing :

Rio Fujimura

Planning & Scriptwriting:

Sunao Kumoi


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