【Tilt Weight】Erotic Game Music Collection 01: Steampunk RPG Sensation

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Title:Erotic Game Music Collection 01: Steampunk RPG Sensation
Maker:Tilt Weight
Release date:2019/12/23

This is a collection of background music for eroge RPGs with the smell of kemuri.
All 44 songs (plus one) are in ogg format.

Music genre
Battle – 9 songs
-Abnormal Battle 01Dside(Drum Reinforcement)
-Abnormal Battle 01Mside (Melody Enhancement)
-Abnormal Battle 02
-Savan Drive
-Dokuro Macy’s
-Haze the World
-Missile Lanciaaaa
-Metal Flack

■Eroscene-7 songs ■
-Ameno Ondo
-Etched Piano
-Erogue Writer
-Piano No-01
-bewitching atmosphere
-ambiguous eros

■event -9 songs
-Sexy Smile
-Tete Tete
-The Dumb Policeman
-Suspect Scene
-Foolish Resistance

■Dungeon -6 songs ■
-End of Fjeld
-bottom soil

■street -facility -10 songs ■
-Kemuriko Machi
-Shaking Up
-Snake Hospitaller
-Borax Heki
-murasaki garage
-Yumenomata Yume
-Dirty Train

Other -4 songs
-System Wind

There is nothing in particular. Please use it freely.
License Policy
Copyright Notice
Not required.
Feel free to use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
Use for R-18 works
It is possible to use it.
Report of use
Not required.
Inclusion in credits
Not required.
Arrangement, modification, etc.
Please feel free to adjust the volume, cut and paste, loop, etc.


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